Saturday, December 21, 2013

dd17: oh *VINTAGE* tree! :)

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "hey lauren! didn't you already post photos of your tree?!" and technically, you are correct. except... actually... this year we have *TWO* trees! yes, that's right: two full-sized, real christmas trees. i'd be embarrassed by this excess, if i didn't love them both soooooooooo very much! the second, auxiliary tree (standing by just in case the main tree is unable to fulfill its duties, lol) is a blue spruce that we've set up in our sunroom, and i'm delighted to announce that i had enough vintage ornaments to cover the entire thing without needing "filler" ornaments. wahey!

(vintage page from ideals magazine, instagrammed photos printed on kodak premium glossy paper, pink glitter thickers, making memories rub-ons, doodlebug glitter paper, journaling typed on scraps of avery clear labels and stuck on to page)
of course i had to build the page about the vintage tree on vintage paper. that's the law, isn't it?! :) there were quite a few options in various ideals magazines, but i bet i'd've missed this one if i hadn't already printed my photos and realized that they'd totally cover the doggie:

not that i don't love dogs, but in this case, i think the page works a bit better sans chien! more "catch up" days are in the works, but at the moment our big project is getting ready for tomorrow's family holiday brunch, so wish us luck, darlings!

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  1. Another beautiful page and yes, a gorgeous tree!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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