Sunday, December 29, 2013

dd22: (pictureless) brunch

as you know, on sunday the 22nd, we held our big family christmas brunch, and i think i mentioned that it went really well. thanks to lovely husband jeff, the food was amazing; the house looked great; for once, i had even thought in advance about logistical things like serving dishes, and utensils, and where to place the buffet/beverages, etc, to keep people moving and make it possible for everyone to access each item easily. so all in all a triumphant success, right? right!

except... wouldja believe... i completely and totally forgot to take ANY PHOTOS AT ALL??!?!!

yep. it's true. don't ask me how, but i was so focused, the idea of pictures utterly slipped my mind until i sat down that night to think about making a page for the day. you can imagine my feelings upon making this realization. because *HOW* do you document the perfect brunch without photos?! i mean, you can't. and the brunch was the story of the day. it actually took a couple of days to hit me: on such a day, the story might not turn out to be the brunch... maybe the story might actually BE forgetting to take photos? now *that* ya can make a page about! so i did:

(transparency: hambly; guest check digi element from 2peas' retired "christmas shopping" kit; foam thickers: american crafts; vintage doily; photos printed on kodak premium glossy paper)
as i was looking for something else online, i found a funny picture of a lego waffle, and suddenly thought, "what if i re-created the elements of the brunch, but with a twist?" so i found a happy family, a lovely hostess, a huuuuuuuge buffet, a delicious bellini, and a completely irrelevant weiner tree; printed them out, and made a little collage. i had the perfect vintage "base" page for this one... but the photos took up a bit too much room, so i decided to build the page on a transparency, instead.

i used a vintage style hambly transparency to float all of the elements on top. here you can see the underneath page, which is from a 1970's holiday cookbook:

no weiner trees* were harmed in the making of this page! :)

*someone-- probably my sister-- sent me the weiner tree photo a few weeks before the brunch, noting that it was clearly the epitome of a classy holiday dish. which it is, obviously! in my family, that's the kind of thing that becomes the visual equivalent of a "catch phrase" and will now be forever associated with elegant christmas entertaining. december party in the works? awesome! who's bringing the weiner tree??! :) :) :)


  1. OMG, this is briiiiiiilliaaaaaaaaant!!!! What an incredibly awesome way to solve your non-pic problem!

  2. This is lovely. Is there anywhere still to find hambly type clear thick papers anymore? Or some similar?


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