Friday, December 6, 2013

card pile!!!!!

to me, one of the best things about participating in a long-term challenge, whether it be art journaling, ATC's, layouts, index cards, or... whatever... is that when you get to the end, you have a big pile or stack or album *FULL* of the work you've done over the course of the entire term. in this case, the project was making a single christmas card for the last 48 consecutive weeks at *JINGLE BELLES* and thus i was able to take this photograph the day after thanksgiving: 

in terms of satisfaction, a photo like that is hard to beat, right?! counting multiples, i've got fifty-two cards, as well as my thank you notes completed. each is unique and different, plus (and to me this is a really BIG plus!) every single one was fun-- and stress-free-- to make! that's not to say i won't enjoy playing in some challenges over the next few weeks, but i'm very glad indeed that my december activities list will not include the frantic mass-production of holiday cards!

we'll be starting up at *JINGLE BELLES* again on january first and we'd love for you to join in the fun! meanwhile, you can link up any new cards you make during december at this post, for the admiration of all who see them! 


  1. Oh groan!!! WHY didn't I play along in that challenge every week! It seems I'm in a mad rush to get all my Christmas cards done now. I know better than to make New Years Resolutions.....however, I'm really going to give it a go next year!
    Great set of cards and they're all fantastic!!

  2. Okay, now I hate you just a little bit. No, I'm kidding!! I could never hate you. *looks at the pile of cards again* I don't hate you. I kinda hate me. I do, however, think you're a bit of a show off though. ;-) ;-) ;-)

  3. I love seeing them all like this!! So cool. My top three are the flamingo top one, the santa one you recently made with the image of the santa from the pic book I sent you, and the other santa sled reindeer one towards the bottom. Awesome!!

  4. I'm so jumping on the JB wagon in 2014 with an attempt to make all of them postal friendly:)


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