Monday, December 16, 2013

dd13: i've been MALL-ed! :)

can you believe we're past the halfway point of december daily already? which also means we're that much closer to christmas, too. a fact that's either awesome or a cause for panic, depending on how prepared one is. in my case, it's kind of both! because somehow, over the weekend, i seem to have impulsively invited my entire family to brunch next sunday. yikes! ah well, on the plus side, if my house isn't quite ready i'll have lots extra of pairs of hands to help me finish, right?!* meanwhile here's my page from friday, the thirteenth, on which i made the dreaded week-before-xmas trip to the local retail palace.

(patterned paper: october afternoon, dcwv, my mind's eye; instagrammed photos printed on kodak premium glossy paper; yellow fabric thickers: american crafts; labels: dymo; ink: colorbox)
once again, two photos*** plus some thickers and typed journaling. i'm sensing a pattern, here! but hey, it ain't broke, so i'm not even vaguely thinkin' about fixin' it!

*be a sport and lie to me here, ok? because clearly i'm suffering from holiday insanity.**

**proof of my overloaded mental state: i *KNOW* there's the opportunity for a funny funny santa/sanity pun here, but i can't quiiiiiite come up with one. sanity and mrs. claus? nah. sorry, i guess i'm gonna have to owe you a joke!

***"yule love this" was a sign in one of the stores-- american eagle, i think-- that totally made me laugh, and flashback to all the hilarious fake holiday promos in "scrooged". i didn't see the solid gold dancers, though, unfortunately. however i was pretty psyched to find a small temporary branch of see's candies there over the holidays!!! which my west-coast darlings might not realize is a very recent development here in the northeast. i'm now secretly hoping an in-and-out burger will magically appear there next summer!!! :)


  1. Brunch will be ok, promise! If I can do two parties only one week apart then you can do this! Just remember to pick one room or large closet that has a DOOR to stash the stuff that doesn't find a home in time for the party - that is my secret! And don't sweat the small stuff - on Friday night, I left the throw rug that was put outside to shake out on the rail of my FRONT STEP!!!! lol I'm sure it looked lovely as a backdrop for the ice lanterns I made... oh well!

    Another fun page - must remember to use my dymo gun!
    Shanna :)

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  3. Fabulous page!!!!!!!!!! <3! <3! <3!


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