Monday, December 16, 2013

dd14: salute to xmas telly

i'm a little embarrassed to admit how very much i enjoy a selection of holiday tv specials and movies each year. some of my faves date from childhood, while others are more recent; but there are definitely certain things i *NEED* to see every single december, or else it just doesn't feel like christmas to me. this page lists the most crucial ones:

(vintage heart-shaped doily; recycled christmas party invitation; printed transparency of unknown origin; october afternoon journaling card; american crafts thickers; (ancient) gin-x rub-on alphas; mme + recollections washi tapes; 14 cut from reminisce xmas number paper; adhesives: scotch gluestick, staples brand gluetape runner, sewing machine)

the picture of hermie and rudolph is a trimmed-down party invitation i had saved in my xmas card box, because i just knew that thing would come in handy someday*!!! :) i'm not sure you can tell that the background paper is a really an extra-thick, plastic-y transparency. i have no idea who made it, i've only ever seen this one variety and it's from a couple of years ago. which is a pity because the texture of it is cool and i can easily imagine lots more ways to use something like this! anyway, here's the back, so you can see what i'm talking about:

the red heart doily is from a pack that gina and i found in a thriftshop last year. and everything else is ordinary stashy type things! it's a bunch of oddball items all smooshed together, really; which probably explains why like this page! :)

*it's exactly this sort of dangerous moment which totally reinforces a person's packrat-ish tendencies. not that i have those, lol. but if i did, this would totally convince me it's a good thing!


  1. More fantastic pages! It's making me want to pull out my stuff from last year when I thought I was going to do DD...well, almost. If I'd been smart like you, then I wouldn't be desperately making Christmas cards and projects and I could do DD.

  2. LOVE this page! Such a fabulous transparency! Good thing you saved that invite - it is Perfection on this page. And don't be embarrassed, I too have a list of holiday television favourites though I don't get to them every year. On Saturday night, the whole family watched the Charlie Brown special - classic and timeless. I love Snoopy!
    Shanna :)


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