Monday, December 30, 2013

dd23: shark socks!

i spent a decent chunk of the monday before christmas finishing the handmade part of nephew matthew's gift: a pair of shark-shaped slipper socks. (try saying THAT three times fast, lol!) i cannot say i love doing things at the last minute, but this year i also crocheted a few other presents, and customized postcard albums for all the nieces and nephews; plus these babies just had SO MUCH detail-- some of which i needed to try more than once to get right! and in the end, they came out very cute indeed, so eventually the page i had envisioned showing ALL the handmade gifts, morphed into a tribute to the sharks.

(vintage craft book page; instagrammed photo printed on kodak premium glossy paper; echo park journaling card; american crafts foam thickers; dymo labels; staples brand gluetape runner)
i think this may be the fastest page i've ever made, mostly due to serendipity: the green journaling card and the green foam alphas just happened to wind up sitting next to each other AND the shark photo on my worktable and when i saw them all together i thought, "AHA!" a little adhesive and a few dymo lables later, et voila!

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