Sunday, December 15, 2013

dd11: merry x-MESS!

one of the facts of holiday life, at least for us, is that the period of time between having a lovely, clean, nicely decorated non-holiday house and having a lovely, clean, decorated-for-christmas house is the ugliest, messiest, most chaotic week imaginable! whilst i was bemoaning this fact AND that it was getting in the way of my fab seasonal documentation, i realized that this wasn't interrupting december daily... this actually WAS the story; at least it was right at that moment! so bring on the mess and let's instagram some photos of it, shall we?!

(vintage pages: from an old craft book and ideals magazine; tag: pink paislee; thickers: american crafts; ribbon: sei; labels: dymo; ink: colorbox; instagrammed pic printed on kodak premium glossy photo paper)
i had a reaalllllllllllly clear picture in my head of what i wanted this page to look like. and *THIS*... alas... isn't even close to that. for one thing, i've covered up way too much of the photo. and the letters don't stand out enough. and the tag is just, i dunno, wrong. but there's no cryin' in baseball, and there's no "do overs" in december daily.* cathy zielske, in a similar situation, once said something that i continue to think is absolutely profound: sometimes good enough is good enough. dude! sooooooooooo totally WISE!!! plus, hey, i've documented a mess... with a mess. there's a kind of weird symmetry to that! so let's move on, and maybe day 12 will be more aesthetic! :)

*at least there isn't at my house because time is just waaaaay too short. if you need/want a do-over, g'head. on the other hand, why not try embracing the imperfection, at least for now. you can swap out in january and i promise NO ONE will be the wiser! ♥


  1. Oh my goodness, why haven't I done this? Half the time I forget to get a shot when it is would be much easier to just take a pic of the mess! lol Like after our open house on Friday night would have been a good time! Ha, you are so very practical girl - telling the truth about what goes on behind the scenes! love it!
    p.s. Genius use of the vintage craft book pages...I have a few of those floating around...wheels turning... ;)

  2. hahahahaha, dhDH and I use the "no crying in baseball" quote all of the time...and I love this DD page :)


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