Saturday, December 14, 2013

dd09: makin' a list

december 9th can most easily be summed up as the day i realized: OMG! it's december 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah. there's always a moment in december where i totally  *PANIC* and think, "well, there is NO WAY i'm gonna be ready by the 25th... i wonder how difficult it is to convert to eastern orthodox?" this usually results in a bout of furious list-making, and the consumption of many sugary foodstuffs. then i get back to work. so that's what i did on monday.

(vintage: envelope and images cut from an old xmas card; patterned paper: october afternoon, pink paislee, love elsie; seriously elderly alphabet rub-ons (that still work perfectly, ta v much): making memories; and yes there's a clump of yarn stapled to one of the lists b/c i lost the ball band and needed to take it to michaels to be matched; i was going to pull it off when i was finished, but it's soooo very representative of how i tend to do things, that i thought it really had to stay!) 
i think you can tell that the center of this page is built on one of the awesome vintage air mail envelopes that stephanie gave me a while ago. that's because it's actually holding some of the many, many lists that will allow me to get through the rest of the month. here's a peek at a few of those:

ok, so i know you're thinking; you're thinking, "hey lauren! what do dogs and a cat having a snowball fight have to do with this or any other day?!" and the answer is: not a dang thing!!! :) i just liked them and they sort of framed up the envelope nicely, so i cut them from an old xmas card and glued them on. because that's how scientific my process is, lol!

off to post day 10 while i'm still on a roll!


  1. What a wonderful way to preserve memories! I'm loving this project! So cute and that really does look exactly like an air mail envelope. Cute little kitty too.

  2. Ha! I am so right there with you except my panic is not generally limited to one day only, lol! But, I usually mostly manage to keep it under control by doing just what you do - write lists! There will indeed be a few lists in my December project! I write them all the time, but most especially in December!
    LOVE the puppies and kittens, they are so charming on your page along with that fabulous envelope!


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