Sunday, December 8, 2013

dd07: over the river and through the woods!

ok, technically, there's no river... and the woods are actually fields and fields and fields of christmas trees! but every year when we visit the peterson farm, where jeff's godfather and his family are on their fourth generation of helping folks choose the perfect holiday tree, i am very aware of the history and tradition involved. we had thought it might rain yesterday; and it had rained extensively on friday, so we went prepared (and dressed for!) a mudfest of woodstockian proportions. in the end, it wasn't too bad, and though cold, the sky was blue and pretty clear, and we had an awesome day! ♥

(vintage page from "christmas" magazine; patterned paper: dcwv, basic grey, echo park; hambly transparency; IG photo printed on kodak premium glossy paper; making memories journaling card; prima flowers; basic grey brad and border sticker; adhjeisves: staples brand gluetape runner, sewing machine)
i'm almost a little embarrassed to admit it, but we came home with two full-sized (6-8ft) trees this year! what can i say? it's our first year in the new house, and there are two AWESOME places to put a tree, and after debating their merits for a little bit we just said, "let's do BOTH". debate over, lol! i'll show the trees in question when they're suitable bedecked.

in the meantime, the page is actually a two-fer, as well. i had this lovely painted page that's on really thick textured stock from a vintage "christmas" magazine, and intended to attach my photo and journaling right on it, but i felt like they covered up too much. thus i built the page on a snowy silvery transparency instead, so you can flip over and see the original, too. all in all it really was a day for wonderful compromises!


  1. Girl, your DD pages are fabulous! I especially love this one. Using the transparency - brilliant. What size is your album? I looked back but if you mentioned it, I missed it.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Love that you got TWO trees, lol! My Mom has a tree in pretty much every room, including the guest rooms, kitchen, dining room, and a tiny one in the bathroom! She would definitely approve! ENJOY decorating! Will you be popping popcorn and making a popcorn chain with cranberries? Such a very vintagey sorta thing to do kwim?
    Shanna :)


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