Sunday, December 29, 2013

dd21: gift wrap

the saturday before christmas was pretty equally divided between cleaning during the day and wrapping gifts at night. i took some pretty good pics of the gifts, actually, and they're what i thought i'd use on this page, but somehow, at some point, the idea morphed into using the wrapping ingredients themselves, instead.

(star and music giftwrap from michaels and target, respectively; ribbons and glittery stems from michaels; kay and co sparkly letter stickers; making memories rub-ons; crate paper journal spot; vintage silver doily from stephanie; colorbox inks; typewriter + sewing machine)
page-wise it couldn't be much more simple: two kinds of giftwrap, two kinds of ribbon, a few glittery embellishments, a lovely silver doily... but here's a photo of the gifts themselves, so you can compare:

next up: the big brunch. yahoo! :)

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