Sunday, December 8, 2013

dd05: a celebration of vintage ornaments

it's no secret that i love vintage... ummmmmmm... EVERYTHING! :) so i seriously doubt it will shock anyone to discover that i have a particularly treasured collection of vintage christmas ornaments. it began with a few that we were given after jeff's grandfather died, got a bit bigger when my mom's friend betty downsized and was looking for a good home for the ones her mother had amassed, and has been occasionally added to from various thrift shops and rummage sales. this october i hit the jackpot at a local sale, where i found more ornaments (some of which were in their gorgeous 1940's boxes!) and the loveliest little santa-bedecked box of hooks. what made it even better was that i got to meet the lovely seniors who attend the church at which the sale was held; i think they were secretly convinced i was slightly nuts to be sooooo very excited by these "old and damaged" baubles, when i could get some nicer, newer, fancier ones at the nearby mall, but they were much too polite to say so, lol!

(vintage: page from an ideals magazine, cut to fit and backed with a clear inkjet transparency to make it more durable; patterned paper on reverse of other page: my mind's eye; puffy sticker from the dollar store; rub-on alphas and numerals: making memories; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, xyron, sewing machine)
since i have a bunch of ornaments from various sources, i thought it would be fun to document all of them this year. because many of them are still packed in boxes awaiting the arrival of our tree, i needed to do this in an open-ended way, so i made a little pocket to hold the photos i've already taken, but it's big enough to add more later in the month.

the base of this is a page from an old ideals christmas magazine, the pocket is an off-cut of transparency (oh hambly, how i MISS THEE!!!) and the rest are miscellaneous rub-ons and stickers from my stash!


  1. Can't wait to see your new home all decked out for the holidays ... the only thing better would be to see it in person.

  2. Love this page and all your fab ornaments! Love how you created a pocket for all the pics!
    I too am attempting a daily December album this year, so far so good. Hope to post some pics soon!
    Shanna :)


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