Wednesday, December 4, 2013

dd02: lights!

this being our first year in the new house, it's also our first experience with outdoor lights. thus, lovely husband jeff spent a fair amount of saturday and sunday afternoon up a ladder, first installing a whole bunch of little white hooks, then hanging the lights from them. my job? unwrap all the strings of lights, then stand below proffering them, whilst making herculean efforts not to imagine freakish but fatal holiday-ladder-based accidents. 

design-wise, we went uber-simple: just your basic icicle lights, on the eaves of the front and side of our corner-lot house. there were no big surprises, really, except that i don't think either of us realized HOW MANY eaves we have, or how many lights it would take to cover 'em. also, they are REALLY bright, and it keeps kind of shocking us to see an uneartly bluish LED glow outside the windows of rooms which are usually dark after dusk. frankly, if the tardis* arrives in our front sitting room during december, i'm not entirely sure we will notice!

(vintage: ledger paper; instagrammed iphone pic printed on kodak premium photo paper; patterned paper: basic grey; rub-on letters and numerals: making memories; labels: dymo; ink: colorbox; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, scotch gluestick)
ok, so, the simplest page imaginable: a few interesting (to me anyway) calculations and another single, square photo. this one was surprisingly hard to achieve, actually. it turns out if you wait until it's fully dark, you don't get anything but blinding glare against inpenatrable darkness. on the other hand, if you don't wait until it's fully dark, you can't even see the lights. my solution was to take pics at dusk and then kind of pump up the saturation and contrast in instagram. the result isn't perfect, but i think it's ok. it doesn't need to be art, it just has to record our first year of bein' a winter wonderland. mission accomplished, lol! :)

*super-excited to discover today that there will be a doctor who xmas special this year! i had assumed that the recent 50th anniversary special (one of the best episodes EVER, imo!) meant we'd be forgoing the usual holiday festivities. HOORAY for being wrong! :)


  1. Wow! That looks amazing! We are sute the house looks amazing with the lights. We are really happy that Dymo is part of your Christmas time.Thank you! ^CP

  2. Check YOU out...a comment from DYMO?!!!! Now how fun is that?!!!!!

    What a fun way to document your first christmas lighting!!!!

  3. Love the lights around the festive front door.


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