Saturday, December 14, 2013

dd10: snow day!

day ten was the first real snowstorm of the year here in the northeast, so of course i had to go outside and take a bunch of photos of the house and yard with snow on them!* this is my favorite pic from tuesday, of the norway spruces planted right after we moved in, sportin' their snowy chapeaux for the very first time!

(vintage: pages from christmas ideals magazine; glitter chipboard letters: mambi; instagrammed photo printed on kodak premium glossy photo paper; journaling typewritten on a scrap of avery clear inkjet label)
page-wise, this is really minimalist for me, but i had the beautiful illustration from an old ideals magazine, and the photo of our yard, and it really didn't need much else, imo, so i stopped. you'll notice that this page is narrower than some of the others. that's because i accidentally trimmed a few to the wrong measurements when i was making the base of the book. i could've decided not to use the "ruined" pages, or saved them for something else; but since i was also using some old xmas cards and other oddly-shaped items, it didn't really seem to matter; and actually, i like the way you get a little peek of what's coming up next. vive le difference, mes cheris! ♥

*i can only imagine what our new neighbors think, having watched me, over the last 8 months, enthusiastically taking photos of our garden's first buds, our first flowers, first weeds (yes, i AM serious!), the new lawnmower, our new garage door, our first autumn leaves, etc, etc, etc!


  1. Hooray for SNOW! Here in Thunder Bay, we have not had any shortage this year which is fine with us (speaking for our family only of course, lol) as we have already been skiing/snowboarding twice! So exciting!
    Anyhow, I LOVE this layout! Again genius use of background and a gorgeous shot of your yard! The stitching is perfect!
    Shan :)


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