Saturday, March 1, 2008

(a super-challenging) MICRO CHALLENGE!!!

super-challenging to *MOI*, that is!

but first, the details caardvarks is doing one of their fast-n-furious, 24-hour mini-challenges--yes, the MICRO CHALLENGE is back! this one is called JUST SAY NO and you have until midnight tomorrow (sunday, 3-2) to complete a card for this challenge and post your link in the comments of the micro post.

what's the assignment? you can do any theme, color, occasion, size or shape; you can use any embelishments, accessories, stamps or must JUST SAY NO to patterned paper!!!!!!!!!! (GASP! ok, so now you can see why i had just a bit o'trouble with this one, right?!) :)

you can see the DT's cards here, including mine, which looks like this:

(glossy white cardstock: ranger industries; flowers: prima; brads: making memories; rub-ons: making memories, mambi; acryllic frame: heidi swapp; glitterglue: stickles)

i'm not 100% happy with this. and not just because it's got a plain background. weirdly enough, i'm ok with that. nope, it's mostly the flowers that are bugging me, and i believe it's because i decided to be clever and anchor them to the frame *before* the frame was on the card, so that i wouldn't have all kinds of brad ends inside the card. so the flowers are attached un-naturally close together and stiff-looking. plus...and i cannot believe it is ME saying this...there are too many of 'em!!! so the moral of this story is: serve the DESIGN FIRST and let the mechanics take care of themselves! but hey, it's a sad project indeed from which one learns nothing! and i definitely learned an important lesson! cool.

soooooo...anybody know a blind flower-loving minimalist with a birthday coming up??! :)


  1. You're a nut. This card is wonderful! I love how all the flowers are bunched up together, they look cozy. ;^)

  2. Lauren, you crack me up! I think your card is fun and would LOVE to be the recipient! Even if I'm not blind.... I could close my eyes when I open it, just for you! |D

    Oh - and I did make a card for the micro challenge - I'll post it soon!

  3. You are so funny. I saw your card at the 'Varks before coming here. I knew it was yours before looking at the designer name :) It is a lot of flowers, even for you :) BUT I still love it!

    Sorry I have no opinion on the 2 cars you are looking at. My first car was a used Toyota Corolla SR5. It was a great car. My 2nd car is also my first brand new car; a '94 Honda Accord (purchased November 1993.) I hope to be driving it many, many years from now. It is also a great car. Good luck and keep us posted on your decision :)

  4. i like the flowers!!! this card is cute!!!

  5. It's a lovely card, i love the florishes arounf the top edges.
    LIsa xx

  6. What are you like - the card is fabulous - I love it. You are way tooo hard on yourself girl. :) :)

    Me who loves flowers has a birthday in April LOL, LOL :) :)

    Debbie x

  7. This is great Lauren....;0)


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