Thursday, March 20, 2008

tutti frutti (...and veggie...)

just when you think those CAARDVARKS cannot possibly think of a another challenge that is new or different or more exciting, they come along and prove ya wrong! to wit: starting today the new assignment is to make a card featuring fruits and/or vegetables. i made four...well, they're a set of notecards, actually. here they are:

(glossy cardstock: ranger; patterned paper & rub-ons: sei)

ok, ok, i realize these SEI fruitstand papers are 947 years old, but ya know what? i still love 'em! and this seemed like the perfect occasion on which to break them out again and play around and have some fun. so i did!

speaking of things that would be really fun to play around with: did you know that caardvarks' debut CAARD KIT is called "rainbow sherbet"?

the 'varks have partnered with itty bitty scrap shack in this new venture. the kits will be limited edition and offered monthly. this one features an absolutely awesome exclusive stamp by bethany kartchner :

is that *COOL* or what?! uh huh. thought so! you can do a subscription or go a month at a time. check out CAARDVARKS for all the details! :)


  1. I have never seen those papers ... and I adore them ... such a fun modern retro feel ... fabulous set.

  2. Oh so cool using old stash! Sweet cards (no pun intended).

    Stampin' Up! just came out with papers and stamps like these...I was oh so tempted!!!

    I went to ACMoore yesterday and browsed the clearance aisle. I bought some rub-ons of apples for 75% off. i think I need to make something for the "varks challenge :)

  3. Wow! they are gorgeous Lauren!
    I LOVE, LOVE the strawberry one! Yummy!!! I really am goin to try and do this caardvarks challenge, I think I still have time.
    have a great weekend!
    Nicola xx

  4. Uhh, hey Lauren! I can't believe no one has posted this comment: "Berry, Berry cute cards!" If you're laughing, I'll introduce you to my friend Hardy Har-Har. I'm always inspired when I stop by. Keep up the great work!


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