Tuesday, March 25, 2008

operation 13: SPRING

here's something that will probably never happen again:
i am posting my paper adventure page on the day the prompt was given!

new paper adventures debut each tuesday. generally, in a good week, i'll get to read the prompt on tuesday night or wednesday and then mull it over for a couple of days before i have time to sit down and make my page on friday night or saturday. this morning, miraculously, i got to check out elise's instructions first thing. i even had an inkling of what i wanted to use on my page. i grabbed my basic tool kit, some old bulb catalogs, a few prima flowers, and my trusty k&co alpha stamps and threw 'em in my work tote. "if," i thought to myself, "i actually get to take half an hour of non-working lunch time, i'll try making a really fast page. probably i'll hate it...but let's just see what happens!"

what happened was this:

i made it in literally 20 minutes...i glued and stamped as i went, without really planning...it's VERY "rough & ready"...and extremely light on journaling...

i am *absurdly* proud of it! this--for me--was the whole point of embarking on paper adventure: to shake myself up, to try new things, to work differently than i usually do.

mission accomplished! :)


  1. these are really cool. I have been enjoying coming over to see what you are up to.

  2. do you drink rockstar for breakfast?! I can just feel the energy bustin' thru all your posts!

    I'm also thinkin' that you were the kid that got all her multiplication tables done first in those timed tests, huh? hee!!!

    this piece is so FRESH!!! you should be absurdly proud of it! own it Baby, own it!!! you get props for working outside your B.O.X!!!

    1st and 10, do it again! we like it, we like it! (I only know this b/c my SISTER was a cheerleader!!!)

  3. Yeaaaaaah for you girl!! I totally love this! Really nice and fresh page and I think the stamping looks awesome!

  4. Creating at lunch ... heck, even taking a lunch ... I envy you ... marvelous page, truly fresh and fun.

  5. GORGEOUS Lauren!
    AHH dont you just LOVE it when you sit down and scrap. not thinking about anything- just pick up some thing and stick it down.
    I rekon you have done a FAB job!
    [acctually i dont rekon, i KNOW! ]

  6. Lauren, that is just great and how lucky that you could take a little time at work to create...i think doing that might improve my work attitude greatly...unfortunately i am on the go the entire 12 hours i am at work...i can barely get to the BR to pee let alone take a few and create...ah well...good for you:)

  7. great layout. i am ready for it too.

  8. Wow! Total gorgeousness!!
    20 minutes!!! Old bulb catalogue!!!
    You are amazing!!! xxx

  9. Oh Wow Lauren...I must say...I loves your:Rough and ready LO !!! It is gorgeous,you always come upwith the most fantastic ideas:) hope you all had a great Easter:)x

  10. Ooh, loving the bright new blog look.

    As if your page didn't confirm that you were ready for Spring you go and have a spring clean round here too!

    I'm just wondering what I could fit in my half-hour lunch break. Nope. Nothing. It's already too full of eating!


  11. It's perfect! I like your new header too...of course the previous one was also totally fabulous :)

  12. Lovely!
    What's the name of these flowers in English?
    We call them 'meiklokje' or 'Lelietje-van-Dalen'.

  13. Fantastic page, can feel the spring in it!

  14. love this! truly shows how simple can be perfect!

  15. Hi
    This is gorgeous - I love Lily Of the Valley - not that we get it here in Oz...lol
    gorgeous layout! I haven't done this operation yet, but aim to....


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