Saturday, March 22, 2008

operation 12: LUCK!

yes, indeedy, it is paper adventure time again and this week elise has asked us to consider the subject of ...LUCK... whatever that might mean to us, good or bad.

a couple of the prompts--including this one--have coincided almost eerily with something i have been thinking about anyway. the concept of luck has been on my mind lately, as a matter of fact.

i've noticed that when something unexpected and bad happens, people--including myself, i hasten to say--tend to immediately & quite naturally think, "why me?". that's human nature. when something unexpected and GOOD happens, we may or may not question it... hopefully we are at least *grateful* and think, "wow! that was lucky!" but there is a whole realm of other stuff that most of the time we (and again, i include myself in this!) don't even notice or count as luck!

like, say, having been born NOW... (as opposed to any other time in history) ...when an individual can be expected to have the most control over their own life and destiny. (think about the feudal system...anybody out there like to trade your life for serfdom??! thought not! me neither!!) or living where there is free education available for everyone... (sure, we can argue quality & equity & so forth) a matter of fact, parents face trouble if they DON'T educate their children. heck, even some of my *problems* are actually good luck in disguise...for example...WEIGHT: i've struggled with it my entire adult life. but if you flip it around what i'm actually saying is, "i live where there is such a plentiful amount of food that i have become OVERNOURISHED" do i *realllllllllllly* want to complain about that??! upon reflection, maybe not.

sorry, sorry, i know i am rambling. i should shut up and make with the page, right? so i think i will. :) here ya go:

(glossy magenta cardstock was the back of a mailed brochure (hence the wrinkles) that was just too pretty to toss away, so i tore it to size and made a page out of it. very very old duck sticker: mrs. grossman (I THINK!); cardstock & rub-on letters: basic grey; cardstock arrow: oriental trading co; other: foam tape, sharpie pen)

text reads: "conceived in a democratic country, in the second half of the 20th century, to educated middle class parents who loved and wanted me. ten fingers. ten toes. five senses. all standard equipment present & correct in good working order. i was quite literally *BORN LUCKY* (and everything else is gravy!)"


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! You don't ramble, you just put it in perspective, and what you say, is completely true! Thanks!
    And I love your little ducky on the page.... just too cute, and the journaling is awesome!

  2. Cute page Lauren, and I couldn't agree more on the 'luck' of having been born 'now'.

    Hope you're having a good Easter weekend. x

  3. L LOVE THIS! I want one. Please make them into postcards - I would send one to everyiine I know.

  4. Simply beautiful as are all your creations Lauren."Happy Easter":)x

  5. AWESOME page... what a great take on LUCK! :)

  6. Ditto! I think I talked to blog friend Jean about this very thing a few months ago. I'm with you 100%. The **only** thing I would add is being alive in this time, we probably have better pain killers :)

  7. Stunning, love the bright background paper and how its torn around the edges.Your journaling is awesome and so so true. LOVE IT!!

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  9. grilfiend! when are you takin' this show on the road!!! you are soooooo hysterically funny!!!

    I would come to your shows, drink a lot and heckle you from the audience. Not really, but I would be ROTFLMFAO!!! (the 2nd "F" is intentional!)


    - Linda, aka phinner, aka anything you wanna call me!!! : .)

  10. great page Lauren:) i really like what you had to say about luck, it's all true...hope you had a wonderful Easter with your DH and the monkeys:)

  11. I love the magenta with the duck. I would have never thought to do that!

  12. Born lucky and born smart, I think.

    I love this page .... keep 'em coming ....


  13. oh I do LOVE this one! even repurposed paper to show off your lucky mail day! (and I'm sure I'm just late noticing, but your banner is wonderful - love how you've layered all the elements - very cool!)


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