Monday, March 3, 2008

operation 09: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT

this week's paper adventure assignment is about advice. here's the brief, as described by the lovely paper adventuress elise blaha:

"This week, document a piece of advice.

Advice you took. Advice you did not take. Advice you should have taken. Advice you gave. Advice you wish you could have given. Think big, think little. Think wardrobe, think new career."

so i thought...and i thought...and here's what i did:

(purple textured cardstock: unknown; rub-ons: rusty pickle; eyelets: making memories; fonts: di, ck typewriter, 3 hour tour; dear abby photo downloaded from the internet)

(a note to the non-american and/or non-my-age reader: abigail van buren was a newspaper advice lady--the brits would call her an "agony aunt"--for years and years, starting in the 1950's or 60's. "Dear Abby", as she was known, became the standard and almost a kind of brand name, not only for that sort of newspaper column, but almost for advice-giving, generally. if someone had a moral or social dilemma, or just something about which they could not make a decision, their friends might well tell them (either seriously or in sarcasm) they had better "write to dear abby". conversely, someone butting in with unwanted opinions or instructions might well be asked with some outrage, "whodoooya think you ARE, dear abby??!" bascially, she was a nice, middle-class, middle-aged, sensible woman who provided a voice of reason and friendly helpfulness to millions. certainly she would *never* say, "FUGGEDDABOUTIT" in a kind of pauly-walnuts-from-the-sopranos voice as i have made her do above, in a way which lovely husband jeff does not find AT ALL funny, even though it has cracked me up for the entire weekend! and yes, that is really her photo, circa 1970.)

this is in the nature of a "note to self". it's intended to remind me not to give in to the frequent temptation i feel to give people advice. because in my never works...unless by "works" you mean, "effectively ends the situation with everyone involved being angry at me"! (and i sooooo don't need any help with THAT, thanks!) :)


  1. You are the most creative gal I know. I am so glad to know you! I have an incessant urge to provide unsolicited advice it because I was a former school teacher? Always wanted to be a big sister and protect a little sister? I dunno. But you are 100% correct...sometimes it ends with people angry at me (feels like a set up after the fact). I guess it is because a *few* people appreciate it makes me open my big mouth. Ugh!

  2. first of all,

    great idea for a twist on it

    endless creativity and its awesome!. I wanna know what those little scrapbooking elves in your head do all day long. haha are you runnin a sweat shop up there? hahahaha

    keep up the good work as always! I LOVE this to pieces. :]]

  3. I love your take on this! Very creative.

    Not only is it AWESOME, it gave me a good laugh this morning!

  5. I have some advice for you: keep making cards. You're clearly very, very good at it :o) (Now, let's just hope that there is no way that this advice can lead to you - or anyone else involved in your card-making enterprises - being angry with me... because I think I've thought it through, and I'm fairly hopeful that it won't lead to anger or recriminations... but you never do know, do you?)


  6. My advice for you ... keep being you, because you are wonderful ... another fabulous challenge page.

  7. hehehee your so RAD lauren!!
    Sorry i havent been visiting often! I need to catch up on so many blogs!
    LOVE all your latest creations!!!

  8. Wokay!!!! Nice way to wake up! Love love LOVE it Lauren!!!!

  9. Wow, you even used EYELETS! I'll take advice from you any day, girlfriend! xo

  10. Fab Page Lauren..I`v left an award for you on my blog:)x


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