Thursday, March 27, 2008

four weddings and a funeral

or in this case:

two awards, an AMAZING honor, and a blog makeover!
(many people don't realize that was the original title of the hit movie starring hugh grant and andie ya know...a bit o'film trivia for you there!) :)

the awards:
my long-lost card-makin', art-lovin', ingeniously inklin' sister stephanie presented me with the very cool "YOU MAKE MY DAY" award. which is pretty funny, since in fact she makes *MY* day at least six or seven times a week! thanks, stef!!! :)

my lovely australian friend ruby gave me the ARTE Y PICO award. (if you don't know ruby, you need to check out her blog right now...g'head...i'll wait!) one of my favorite things about ruby is that she never, EVER makes me aware of the difference in our ages (i'm just slightly older) or maturity levels (she's infinitely more grown up!) thanks, rubes!!!!! :)

the amazing honor:
the uber-talented ruby has been acquiring photos from others to expand the scope and depth of her (already formidable) scrapping skills. i sent her a few of mine, thinking she might like to have a go at the nieces. to my surprise she made a very cool LO about *me*!!! it's going to be featured with a bunch of her work at paperific in melbourne. if you're local, you should definitely check it out. (or you could just click here!)

the makeover:
ok, you've probably already figured that bit out. i've been wanting to change templates for a while. one of the reasons i went whole hog on paper adventure operation 10 was that i was planning on using the result as my new header. i actually *planned* to use a template that stretched all the way across your screen... (it's called "minima stretch" & it's exactly like this one...only wider!) ...but after fiddling with said header for nearly an hour, trying to make it stretch the whole width of the header segment, whilst keeping the same dimensions and NOT being six inches deep, i finally realized that i would either have to settle for the non-stretch version or drive to blogger headquarters and bludgeon someone to death with a stapler. and you know, the latter just seemed so ungracious, what with dear old blogger being entirely free and nearly always working so splendidly and my stapler is broken! :)

finally, a humble word to all my lovely blogging friends:
please accept my sincere apologies for the very shoddy quantity and quality of my recent visits to your lovely cyber-homes. normal service shall resume imminently! (you've been warned!)


  1. well, i always know where to go for a smile or a good laugh:) that stapler thing??? too funny...i just recently learned that blogger has a picture limit...eeeeeek:( did ya know that? i may have to do a switcheroo to typepad when i run out of picture space...LOVE your new look and your banner is amazing!!!

  2. I like it very much - the makeover - it's lovely. Very 'clean' looking. Do you use bleach?

    I have Minima Stretch and the non-stretchy header is something that makes me more than a little piffed off.

    Ho hum.

    Congratulations on your awards - very much deserved. x

  3. Love the new do ... marvelous!

  4. Likewise.."Love the New makeover"
    sounds like it`s a good job ya staplers not workin!!!!lol
    "Congrats" on all your Awards you certainly deserve them cos your blog and all else is pretty "Fabbie" Lauren:)

  5. Wow, you're just so talented. Love the new make over and the spring paper adventure as well. You always know just how to inspire.

  6. You are sooooo funny Lauren! loved the stapler thing! That totally cracked me up!
    FUNNY and incredibly TALENTED too!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Nicola xx

  7. Love the new look, it's decidedly YOU! xo

  8. I love the new look! So "Indian"! And you have Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) showering her blessings!....I feel rich!

  9. love the new look...the stapler thing probably isn't a good idea, but I have had similar fantasies from time to time. Is that Bad?


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