Thursday, March 13, 2008

mrs monkeemaker made me cry...

...well, not cry as such... but i did become distinctly misty when i got home last night to find a transatlantic package in my mailbox. see, it turned out, for no very good reason, and without any warning at all, my lovely blogging friend kerry, aka monkeemaker, had made and sent me a beautiful sock monkee of my very own...AND kept it totally a surprise! i've named my new friend sockrates. he's going to be awdrey's mascot and my official co-pilot!

inside the package was a lovely fabric bag...because you see monkeemaker doesn't just knit, she sews too! (she also writes divinely, takes amazing photographs, and is a philanthropist. in fact, if i didn't like her so much, i could easily become just a wee bit jealous of the MANY fields in which she excels!)

of course tipsy was quite excited to receive a package from his homeland!

hmmmm...i wonder what's in the sack?!

it's a monkee!!! a monkee from HOME!!!

oh lad, am i glad to see you!

you can help me with my plan to get home!

tipsy, son, i think i have an idea...

you steer, and i'll shift!

i think we're fact...i can't even find bristol on this map!

sooooooo...the american lass thinks she can *bribe* us to stay??!

wait here, sockrates, whilst i investigate!

ok, admittedly, as bribes go...this is a pretty good one!

chocolate chocolate chip, you say? and america is FULL of these??!

wellllllllll...maybe we could stick around for a little while...


  1. OMG! Camouflage AND Pink! I think I NEED one of these!

    LOVE IT!

    You lucky girl you!

  2. That picture adventure was hilarious! Those monkeys are adorable.

  3. eeeeeeek!!! OMG how cute!!! and i just loved your little story, too funny Lauren!!!

  4. Too adorable ... so glad that you and Awdrey have a new co-pilot.

  5. Oh, I love this post! You and Kerry are two of a kind. I love to read her posts; though admittedly I don't check in with her as much as I'd like. And you even showed us Awdrey's inside! She is a very pretty girl. I think Sockrates will make a great companion and co-pilot :) And a Brit friend for Tipsy, how great is that?

  6. awesome that his name is sockrates. I have to show this to Rachel. She is going to do a how to for a school porject on making sock creatures. I am sure this post will inspire her.

    So cool.

  7. This post drives me bananas with envy! xo

  8. OMG that is just way too funny and cute!!
    i LOVE the photo when they are stuffed from eating the cupcake and when they are hugging! TOO CUTE!
    You have a GREAT sense of humour Lauren! XD

  9. thems some smart mon-kayz!
    chocolate chocolate chip - i'll dress like a mon-kay if i can get me some of those!
    (oh... i can run and get one of them greenberry teacakes.... :-))

  10. Okay, you are going to have to make more episodes of sock monkey adventures! I enjoyed that way too much!

  11. Ha ha, this is great, Lauren! Loved the Adventures of Sockrates and Tipsy - and Awdry, of course - and look forward to seeing more!

    (Have to say though that that gear shift picture looks well dodgy!)

    And about that home-made bag .... I forgot to mention that it started life as a tea-towel (albeit a new one) and yes .... the flap is meant to be that angle - it was designed like that - honest!


    ps. Really pleased that you're happy with the SM, I'm just sorry I couldn't get any more of THOSE socks to make you a MSSM. Sorry ....

  12. Ooh ooh, and I meant to say .... in picture 4 he was pointing RIGHT AT MY HOUSE!!! Amazing!


  13. Ok, just one more and then I promise to leave you alone .... there SO WAS a good reason for sending him to you, as well you know.

    Thank you.

    And goodnight.


  14. Oh Lauren..lucky you...That pink cammoflaged monkey is funy:)x

  15. Oh isn't Sockrates splendid? I bet he has a wonderful life in America.

    Erm ... is Tipsy playing the cymbals, or does he have growths on his hands?


  16. OMG! I am jealous....trés jealous!
    I too wish for a friend!
    A friend from Monkey Land!

  17. LOL these are a funny pair, great teamwork! Cheeky monkeys RULE!!!!

  18. Yep, that monkeemaker makes a damn fine sock monkey, doesn't she? Very happy to see that Tipsy has a friend from the Old Country... but with bribes like that muffin available, I'd strongly recommend that they do stay put and knock that whole 'escaping back to Brizzle' plan right on the head :o)

    PS May I just second MM on the dodginess of the gear shift picture!

  19.'re so creative!! Just love the monkeys! And all the pictures are sooooo cool!!

  20. OMG! These are so CUTE! I want one! Got me smiling from ear-to-ear!

  21. Oh.......this is hilarious.... LOOOOOOOVE THE MONKEYS, what a great friend!!!!!!

  22. Such a funny post! The pictures are fantastic. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog!! I'm across the water from "the homeland" in Ireland. Looking forward to seeing more adventures!!

  23. Love your story line! Very entertaining


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