Wednesday, March 12, 2008

driveway makeover!



yeah, that's better! :)
new car update, anyone??!
  • she's been named AWDREY (for the AWD which is tatooed prominently on her bumper)
  • we've logged nearly 100 miles together for a grand total of 268 (she had 180 when i picked her up...nope, i haven't asked... water under the bridge!) ;)
  • i have very nearly stopped needing to chant, "don't downshift, don't downshift" outloud whilst negotiating corners!
  • we are still waiting for the last piece of official (pennsylvanian) paper... needed to go to the DMV ...and get more pieces of official (new jersian) paper
  • i've aquired a shiny new travel mug for my goin'-to-work coffee, which fits in awdrey's cupholder (bye bye krispy kreme doughnuts mug with nearly all of your printing rubbed off! i'll miss ya!!)
  • i now understand why people with nice cars worry about where they park and if the place in question is likely to have stray shopping carts rolling about and crashing into pristine paintwork!!! (oof! the burden of property, darlings!)
  • jeff has had a test-drive and pronounced her--and i quote--"a great little car!"


  1. Oooh, it's like Pimp My Ride round these parts today... only significantly more sensible. So not much like it at all, then.

    Congrats on your new driveway-bling... may you have many happy miles together :o)

  2. Oh, Awdrey is so pretty! I'm assuming she's an automatic? My '94 honda accord is a stick...I love it, my hubby not so much; but he usually drives during rush hour, so I can understand.


  3. That Awdry is one tasty piece of tarmac totty. Of course there is the probability that at some point she'll become tawdry Awdry, but we'll gloss over that :-p

    She looks lovely Lauren - really pretty. x

  4. WISH I could get a makeover like that!

  5. Oh yeah, she does look like a great little car!

    I too wish I could have a driveway makeover like that .... any advice or pointers on how to weedle a new car out of ones hubby??


    ps. It they're x-rated tips, maybe it would be best if you mailed me ....

  6. oh yes:) so much better Lauren!!! what a wonderful make~over!!! i need one of those!!!

  7. Congrats lauren, Awdrey looks Gorgeous! xx

  8. I love seeing a little glimpse of your world ... love your new wheels ... very chic.

  9. Yes tres chic with the new Awdrey ! lol always nice to have a nice new little great car ! way to go grrl !

  10. Congrats! That's awesome, but I am TOTALLY jealous... my 11 year old baby doesn't seem like she's gonna need replacing for a few more years yet (at least hopefully, according to the bank account!).


  11. (in case you didn't figure it out yet.....catching up on blogposts here LOL)
    GREAT CAR!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!


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