Sunday, March 30, 2008

MICRO CHALLENGE: purple snurple!

the caardvarks "homegrown challenge" (featuring cards with a fruity or veggie theme) is just ending, and the new challenge does not start until saturday, so it seems like there is time for a super-quick MICRO CHALLENGE in between?

the theme?
yep, you guessed it: purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what's that you say? you don't *LIKE* purple??!

ok...but howsabout: lilac, mauve, pansy, grape, violet, hyacinth, magenta, heliotrope, orchid or mulberry?


consider: royalty, wine, purple hearts, purple haze, the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince, purple rain, flyin' purple people eaters, the blood of klingons (according to wikipedia! who knew?!) or perrennial sixties hard rock faves deep purple?!

i went very tradtional with this one. uh-huh. flyin' purple people eater! complete with custom-designed purple-people-eater chipboard accent, and a silly silly joke that no one un-related to me is going to find remotely funny. wanna see?

the outside:

the inside:

(purple people eater made from plain chipboard, acryllic paint, sharpie & uniball pens, glittery white stickles & a google eye from michaels; patterned paper: scrapbook wizard, making memories, current; glossy black cardstock: ranger; font: 3 hour tour)

text reads: how many one-eyed one-horned flyin' purple people eaters does it take to wish you a happy birthday?

answer: only one...which unfortunately is twenty-five less than it takes to get that song out of your head! (SORRY!) happy birthday anyway!

ok, sure, it's WEIRD...even by my standards! but i kinda like it. and i am prettttttttttty confident that my uncle ron will not receive *two* of these babies! not this year...not next year...not even if he lives to be 147. niiiice. :)


  1. Brava, dear friend, brava!! You should go into business with these babies!

  2. you are wonderful
    yup that just about says it all
    (and your uncle ron is lucky to have such an original niece who makes fabulously original and fun cards!)

  3. What a diva you are with the black & white ink , Lauren ! Very gorgeous one eyed purple creature ! sexy even ! lol love the curves ! you go grrl ! what joy of life you have !

  4. I love love this card in all its purpliest people eating glory. It rocks.

    I also love purple :)

  5. I love this card. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I am sure it will be your uncle's favorite card this year (though he may not ever admit that to his wife, if he is smart...heeheehee). How did you make your one-eyed monster from chipboard?

  6. eeeeeek:) how fun Lauren!!! your uncle will love it!!!

  7. Your blog always amuses me, you are a very entertaining person and your one eyed monster's not bad either.

  8. Oh lauren I loves your one eyed Monster...Thanks for the tuition hunie...I bet all Uncle Ron`s all over The Univerese!!!!!will be getting these for their b`day`s now!!!!!
    I would agree with Jolene and go into buisness with them...your just a little bit ...well Massivly "Fabbie" girl:)x

  9. This is awesome! I loooove the song so the card really strikes my fancy!!
    This is so totally original and oh SO SO SO FUN!!
    Keep up the kick-ass work!

  10. Did I mention before that I LOVE your blog???!! You are fab! your monster is so creative and soo much fun!!! xx


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