Monday, March 24, 2008

operation 10: GOT TALENT?

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "the mad old bat has finally gone completely mental AND lost the ability to count, to boot!" which is understandable, seeing as how i posted paper adventure operation 12 (LUCK) saturday and operation 11 (HABIT) last week. but you may recall that i skipped the talent one... (due mostly to a lack of time just then) here it is now:

the outside:

and the inside:

(patterned paper: basic grey, k&co, bengali newspaper; gold-embossed lakshmi: hindi greeting card; clipart: anahata katkin; ghost butterfly& pink gems: heidi swapp; chipboard swirls: fancy pants; flowers: prima; flower sequins: queen&co; rub-ons: basic grey, doodlebug, american crafts; photo corners: ki; fancy paper clip: nunn design; pens: american crafts, signo, zig; alphabet stamps: k&co; inks: colorbox; other: foam tape, jewelcraft gems, brass paper fasteners, acryllic paint, seed beads, ribbon scrap, tiny heart stickers)

the text reads: "MY TALENT: making simple things complicated...but in a *good* way!"

because as you know, i enjoy embellishing. yes, i know that sometimes less is more. and yes, i am even capable of loving clean lines, minimalism, and the perfection of simplicity. but if you give me a bunch of plain assorted craft items... (perhaps you'd feel they consitituted enough supplies for several projects) ...the chances are quite good that i would use half of said products to adorn the other half...and then combine them ALL into one big giant greeting card! but i guarantee i'll have had enough FUN for several projects...which is kind of the point, right? :)


  1. 2Stunning" as always Lauren..Hope you all had a great Easter:)x

  2. Oh, so pretty! I always admire how well you embellish and put different elements together to make your beautiful cards and pages. You know I'm a "less is more" girl, but often less is too little. I was shopping at ACMoore & Michael's last week and went through every book and magazine looking for inspiration. The "simple" scrapbooks and card publications were even too sparce for me!!!


  4. how wonderful!!! i always love your embellishing...i am your evil counterpart...if there is an easy way and a hard way to do something, i always A L W A Y S choose the hard way...and it's usually NOT in a good way...LOL!!! 'tis true:)

  5. wow usual simply gorgeous...well maybe not so simply.


  6. Most definitely in a good way ... but I want bigger pictures so I can bask in all of your phenomenal details ... love every fabulous element.

  7. I Love your embelishing style!


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