Friday, February 29, 2008

whatcha *ING*ing??!

yes indeedy...time for some random stuff i am currently enjoyin'...maybe you'll enjoy it, too??! :)

readING: spook country by william gibson. fast paced. lots of points of view. (each told from an authentic and individual-sounding voice) ...and i have NO IDEA what is going to happen next... (looooove that!)

watchING: wes anderson's the darjeeling limited on dvd. not exactly what i expected...but once i stopped trying to make it be rushmore or life aquatic...i enjoyed it quite a lot! (plus the first scene alone is EASILY worth the price of a dvd rental or movie ticket!)

listenING: to the audio book piece of my heart by peter robinson, from the library. pretty good british police-procedural-type mystery, which interweaves the investigation of two murders: one in 1969 and one in the present day. (...and i'm pretty sure i know whodunnit...)

drivING: where i want, when i want to, ON MY that i have my little car back!!! (in the meantime "much respeck" to m'friend & colleague joshua, who ferried me about cheerfully & without complaint for several days!) not to worry, however, the case for car-updatING has been well and truly made...thus i am also...

debatING: the relative merits of the toyota matrix and the subaru impreza for my next automobile...i definitely want a compact with AWD... (any thoughts for or against those models...or others...will be gratefully appreciated!)

photoshoppING: pictures of "dear abby" for my own nefarious purposes (to be revealed later!)

downloadING: awesome (free!) handwriting fonts by kevin and amanda! they have some awesome doodles/dingbats, too like the "pea stacy doodles" to name just one! (thanks, stef!!!)


  1. i will be checking out the book, i love a good read:) thanks for all the newsy info Lauren style!!!

  2. Ha! I too found Kevin and Amanda's free fonts - now got loads of pretties to play with!

    I have a dinky Toyota - it's one of the best cars I've ever had. She's called Maisie and I love her to bits.


  3. Glad you enjoyed the fonts ... and huge congrats on being featured on CI ... what a fabulous article & picture of your smiling face ... I LOVED IT ... darjeeling is at the top of our Netflix list ... I have a Pontiac Vibe because I wanted a Matrix but there were none available in our area at the time and the Toyota salespeople were less than helpful ... I do love my vibe. Can't wait to see what you decide.


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