Friday, March 28, 2008

i {heart} the DMV

ok, that might be a little strong.

i s'pose entangling oneself in bureaucracy is never going to be pleasant, but i definitely have increased respect for new jersey's motor vehicles department. once upon a time, visiting our local branch was a nightmare involving a tortuous stroll through a confusing variety of indistinguishable paperwork, followed by a protracted wait in a long line to get your forms, a second wait to turn them in, and potentially a third wait if you failed to complete something correctly. these days there is a concierge to give you the right forms for what you need to do, who also checks that you have brought the correct documents and credentials to complete your task.

i was in and out in about twenty minutes. in that time i managed to pay awdrey's sales tax, acquire a new jersey title, obtain my registration and transfer my license plates. in fact, the longest part of the process was attaching said plates to awdrey's bow and stern. of course, i was prepared: i had every conceivable paper pertaining to both my old and new cars. i had two forms of picture id. i had a screwdriver for the license plates. i had a book in case of a delay and a granola bar in case of a long delay. i didn't need 90% of what i took, but hey, you never know!

i'm not the only one to notice marked improvement at the DMV. apparently even the state of new jersey is impressed by the better service and faster turnover. so much so that i hear they're considering changing their official slogan from,

"DMV: Pack a lunch, make a day of it!"


"Yeah, well, we hate *YOU* too!"

and that, my friends, is progress, indeed! :)


  1. I noticed that the DMV in Cali is more "organized" and navigable.

    Yay for you! Check and cross that item off your list!

    Happy Weekend!!! : .)

  2. heeeeee!!! well congratulations on getting in and out so quickly...i think my waits at the post office are much longer...i won't elaborate as a previous post office comment made my me on my blog generated my one and only piece of hate mail...yeah, that sucked...too funny as always Lauren:)

  3. errrrr...make that:
    "made BY me"

  4. I love your stories! Thanks for making me smile :)

  5. ah.. i have a memory or two of the nj dmv.... sigh... glad to hear its better!
    the worst dmv - i think Connecticut... maybe cos i had two little kids in tow... and now that i think of it.. maryland was no treat either.
    my most recent visit to the Virginia dmv was most excellent... i was renewing my license in september - in and out.. amazing...

  6. you are too funny... it is true things are looking up for the NJ-DMV. I just renewed my registration online...woo hoo! and they only charged me an extra $2 for teh


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