Thursday, November 8, 2007

monkeh, monkeh, monkeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess what came in the mail the other day??!

ok, you'll never guess so i will show you:

yes, i received a lovely package from the vicious chicken!!!

knowing how much i adored the teeny tiny pg tips mascots which can't be obtained here in the states, the gracious and generous vc offered to send me one of my very own! as if that wasn't enough, tipsy (for thus i have named him) was wrapped up in the coolest monkeh giftwrap you have ever seen AND came with an awesome note, a tasty snack, and the bit of teabag box which explains his orgins...i think i'll save that, you know, for the baby book! :)

speaking of books, apparently tipsy is a budding writer, and has been penning an account of his first few days in his new home. so now, without further ado, i shall turn today's post over to my young friend, and let him tell his story, his way!


coming to america:

one monkeh's tale of transatlatic trauma & triumph

story, concept, design, art direction & creative stylings

by tipsy the chimp

photos by...that american woman...didn't catch her name...

well, i can't say i find the u.s.a. all that glamorous yet; i hoped it'd be a bit more like "the O.C."! ah well. is the kettle on, love?

help! i've been sent to live with barbarians!

maybe i can post myself home. what's that? flippin' heck--in a box??! do they not have a business class?

thank heaven for good telly! is this the episode with kristin scott-thomas?

at least i can still see my friends! blimey, she's gorgeous......i wonder if she's single?

i s'pose america's not all bad; afterall, it's a big country...with BIG muffins!

i guess maybe i could stick around for a little while!

...and my own room, too? all right, i'm staying!

(no knitted monkehs were harmed in the making of this photostory...however, the iced muffin met with a sticky end!)


  1. ahhhh the poor monkeh!!! i'm glad he decided to stay, he is totally adorable and this post is over the top CUTE!!!

  2. Dear Tipsy,

    I'm glad you made it safely across the Atlantic, and that 'That American Woman' appears to be treating you well. Although - decaff tea? Seriously? You poor thing! Oh well, at least the amazing-looking muffins will help make up for it, I'm sure :o)

    Oh, and Lauren: what an ace post! Made me smile no end :o)

    (I'm still smiling, actually - folks at work are going to think I'm a simpering idiot. But it's worth it.) :o)

  3. Love the post. Glad to see a PG tips monkey has made it over the water to the US of A. Please give him some decent tea, a monkey cannot live on muffin alone. (Well, p'raps a beer would do! Is there good beer in the US? ;-))

  4. YAY!!! Monkeys are spreading to the US of A as well now :D Can't wait for Tipsy's next episode... this one had me laughing out loud :D

    And that muffin... YUMMY!!!!


  5. o-mi-gosh
    tipsy is toooooooo cute for words!
    i will be hoping to see more adventures miss L. And he couldn't have found a better home - with muffins no less :-) perhaps you can introduce coffee to the little fella (gasp... i know blasphemy!)- maybe take him to Greenberry's for a chocolate tea cake (June and I can meet you both there ;-))

  6. Well, it seems to me that you're a natural at the photo stories .... this is fab! I hope you and Tipsy will be very happy together :)

    And that VC - she's so kind ..... and she seems to have an endless supply of cool monkey paper - not to mention PG chimps!!

    I have monkey envy :(

  7. hurrah - another blog with monkees x
    love it!
    tracy x

  8. This made me smile!
    fabby pictures, and the muffin looks yummy!

  9. Love this...I needed a smile this morning. I am glad tipsy has decided to give it a go here.

  10. Sorry! I don't speak English but I think... this blogger is very beautyfull!

  11. This had me and my son(we are huge chimp fans) in stitches!
    Great blog, thank you for the comment on my card.
    Susie xx

  12. Tipsy's Coming to America makes a great story! I'm glad he decided to stay with the funny American woman...but decaff tea???? Poor guy! Though the muffin looks scrumptious!


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