Sunday, November 18, 2007

today, i present:

a card i don't like
as much as other cards i have made

in fact, i am pretty close to actively disiking this one.

i like the idea of it...and those tiny paperchase puffy candy stickers look cool with the vintage b&w illustration. but the decoration of the frame card is somewhat overpowering...and i wish the treats were positioned in a thinner arc, set higher above the childen--maybe even floating up into the top of the frame? at the moment, it looks like the little darlings are in real peril of being suffocated by said sweets. "DANGER!" i'd like to shout to them, "there's a candy flash flood! run, children, ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun!"

IF... i manage to get 50 cards finished pre-deadline... (which admittedly is a fairly big "if") ...i might consider making a few non-frame cards, and ditching this one. but we'll see...maybe it'll grow on me!


  1. Well I think it's cute.

    ..... but now you come to mention it .... Santa is kind of giving me the creeps ..... and what's he even doing there anyway?? When that little girl is still quite clearly awake!!

  2. I'm not crazy about this one either as a whole, but I do like those puffy candy stickers over their heads! That is cute and creative. Maybe you could use the frame part for a different card? Like cut a large circle and curl wire for an ornament, place this in the center and say, "Have a ball"...just a thought.

  3. Maybe a solid colored gold or purple frame separating the B&W illustration from the ornament frame to provide a bit more definition between ... and perhaps some distress inks on the frame to tone down the brightness a bit ... come-on girly ... you can make this one work ... I know you can.

  4. i agree with smilynstef - actually it was the almost the exact suggestion i was going to make. i think it needs a border between the frame and the illustration. A dark color - perhaps the darkest green or even the purple will absolutely make it work
    (c'mon sweetie... channel youself some Tim Gunn- it's too cute with all them sugarplums, sugarplum!) i'm anxiously awaiting cos we are on a deadline here!

  5. i think this is a keeper, have you considered adding bits of color to the black and white so there is not so much of a contrast between that and the backround and dancing sugarplums? i think that would look very nice {?}

  6. No kid to my knowledge would run away from an avalanche of candies....even!

    And if I may say so....I do agree with the Bloggers who says that all you need is a nice border to bring out the beauty of this card!


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