Tuesday, November 27, 2007

une autre carte postale

there is nothing particularly french about this entry...but i'm running out of ways to say, "here is another postcard" in my title, so i thought i would be vaguely continental. plus, i am still intermittently thinking of paris je t'aime; which, as you know, i really, really enjoyed & highly recommend!

anyway, here IS another postcard:

this is from my friend david, a lucky so-and-so who has just sailed to england on the QM2, and who knows that i have an particular love of cruise-line and airline postcards. this one is extra-special, actually, because it was postmarked, mid-voyage, by cunard! (i didn't realize they even still DID THAT!)

also, you can see in the top photo that david has helpfully pointed out the location of his cabin! luckily, it's on the starboard side--if he'd been to port, i guess he'd've had to wait and buy a card on the return trip! (lol) :)


  1. Wow, he really is a lucky so-and-so. But didn't he invite you along?? Some friend!

  2. Now that's a beautiful postcard.
    No fluffy white clouds here in England today though! It's very miserable!
    I have a blog candy giveaway on my blog, if you get time to have a peek. xx

  3. Er...yeah.... of course my blog candy giveaway WOULD be on my blog!!! Duh! sorry about that!

  4. oh wouldn't i give a lot to be on that boat right now.....
    and good thing his room was on that side (phew... funny girl!)


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