Saturday, November 24, 2007

the jeans of DESTINY!!!

ok, that’s a slight exaggeration…but truly, I have found me some wonderful denim!

they're called levis 512: perfectly slimming jeans
...and by golly, they *ARE* all three!

they look like jeans…but feel more like leggings; they are softer than regular denim and much stretchier. these babies smoosh your belly *flat* and yet they are 100% totally and completely comfortable. admittedly, they are pretty high-waisted... (well how else could they do the disappearing belly trick?) …since i never tuck anything in, this isn't a problem. they’re slim-fitting in hips and thighs but end in a nice understated flare. oh yeah …and did i mention they come in TALL sizes!!! i’ve bought all three colors. better get ‘em fast though…because any time i like an article of clothing this much it tends to be discontinued almost immediately!*

*i was kidding when i wrote that...but i've just checked the official levi's site...and these jeans are not listed. jc penney and a couple of other stores have them, but that's it. dang.


  1. those are cute! now be serious, do you really like jeans with a lot of stretch? {well, duh i guess you do if you bought three pairs} i have several pairs and by the end of the day, they are ALL stretched to say the least and falling i the only person this happens to? + i don't do belts...yukky!!!

    and LOL on the dis~continued...always happens to me when i find a lipstick i really like...

  2. in reply to lori: i am familiar with the "overstretch" phenomenon...but these DON'T DO THAT! i don't know *why* they don't do that; but i'm very pleased. they also don't get that baggy bit at the knee, which i suspect is also caused by too much lycra.

    all in all, i haven't found a downside to these yet...which--yeah--is why i bought the second and third pairs! :)

  3. Hmmm. I've yet to find a jean that can *smoosh* my belly flat.

    The higher the waist the better though.

    ..... unless it results in camel hoof.

    'nuff said.

  4. HAHAH omg LMAO! Laugin' at Monkee Maker's comment about Camel hoof LOL!!
    Ok now I'm composed enough to write my response. Ok I'm NOT composed enough! I'll come back later when the tears stop rolling down my face and my stomach stops burning!! I just cannot stop laughing!!!!!

  5. i am thinking it is kinda evil to even talk about anything fitting after Thanksgiving - i may have to look for these LOL

  6. Yes, but do they come in shrimpy sizes? Some of us can't wear regular jeans let alone TALL. *sigh* Can they smoosh me taller, too? ;^)


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