Thursday, November 8, 2007

joy to the world!!!

just to be clear: that's the christmas song joy to the world and not the three dog night song joy to the world! not that i would like to be on record as *OPPOSING* joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, obviously......or to you and me, for that matter! it's just that for today's blogging purposes (more fruits of this weekend's xmas-card-makin' blitz!), i fear three dog night don't really set the right mood:


that doesn't make you feel very christmassy, now does it?! (no offense, lads! you know i'm a big fan***!)

ok, but look at these babies:

(supplies for all: dcwv & basic grey paper; sei velvet paper; ki memories chipboard fancies; papyrus felt characters (on a super, super sale last jan!); making memories velvet alphas; basic grey & making memories rub-ons; cosmo cricket tag; sandylion snowflake gem; plus: rickrack, foam tape, colorbox ink, bits of an old xmas card)

now those are christmassy!!!

***all right, that's not strictly true. asit happens, i'm not particularly fond of three dog night--but for pete's sake don't tell them that, ok?! the last thing i need is a bunch of depressed former pop-stars laying about the place again, darlings!!!


  1. they were just in town over the weekend so i'm glad you're posting this now - andi wont tell the guys - k? :-)
    i loooooooooooove the cards. lovin the colors.
    my only question is - see i make the same 100 cards and have no problem sending them out- no decisions - everyone gets the same - but YOU... how are you gonna choose which adorable card goes to which person... !?!?!?

  2. those are adorable Lauren!!! i love the colors you used!!!

  3. I LOVE the colour combo, these look fab!

  4. Joy to the world indeed! Joy that we don't have to wear those gorgeous fashions anymore but even more joy to anyone who may receive one of those brilliant cards this year!

    ..... you've still got my address, right??

    ..... just checking ....

  5. Oo Ooo!! Look at THOSE!!
    I LOVE them!! I have no creativity for cards.. I think I need you to whack me in the back of the head to knock some of your creativity in there!!!
    Way to cardmake, babe!!!

  6. Wow your cards! and hoorah another monkey, we homed one this week. Em had great fun making him a little house.

  7. Fabulous cards, and I was so in love with 3 Dog Night back in the seventies. Oh, yeah. Not so much now, but I'll be humming Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea all day now. Thanks!


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