Friday, November 16, 2007

cue three dog night again!!!


a little more "joy to the world" for ya:

(metal word: making memories; sticker: chatterbox; rub-ons: foof-a-la & creative imaginations; other: images cut from old christmas cards, vintage sheet music, vintage christmas poem, foam tape, glitterglue)

of course, being as it's friday, you've probably got the "joy thang" covered already, dontcha?! :)


  1. don't be too hasty on thinking i am happy it's friday...i work weekends night i MUCH prefer the weekdays...
    LOVE the cards!!! and three dog night...

  2. jeremiah was a bullfrog.... was a good friend o'mine.... never understood a single word he said but i helped him drink his wine and he always had some mighty fine wine... singin....
    oooo... sorry.... uncue song, cue up ze comments...
    looooooove these cards. not only are you using those cute frames cards and recycling old'uns, you must be using up a tons of your stash on these babies. which of course is wonderful because then you can feel no guilt about shopping 4 mooooooreee :-)
    we here in this old house love no guilt. not that i ever live without it, but less is more dont you think? oy i think i've had too much coffee already.....

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I love iced tea, first had it when we visited New York 11 years ago. Your cards are beautiful too.

  4. Beautiful cards! and Yaay! It's Friday!!!!!

  5. Look at you go ... lovin' these framed cards. May have to pick up some of these on after-Christmas clearance for next year. I'm lovin' that text and music for backgrounds too ... great cards.

  6. Ah yes, friday is indeed a joyful day .... especially if you have the whole of the following week off - hurrah!! .... but your gorgeous cards make it just that little bit more special.

    Happy weekend :)

  7. I have always loved the look of holly and berries. Your cards here are stunning. I finally have a few posted, but they are nothing compared to the beauty of these. I am all about simple! :-)

  8. Oooooh! I looooove these cards! Verrrrrry Christmasy!


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