Monday, November 12, 2007

oh dear

or should i say, "oh DEER"? reindeer, that is. on christmas cards. these christmas cards:

(snowy-treed background & reindeer are from old, falling-apart, garage-sale copies of "christmas ideals" and "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" respectively; heart paper: sei; journaling spots: k&co; stickers: sandylion & sticko; rub-ons: basic grey & fancy pants; gems: jewelcraft)

those are two of the six or seven i completed over the weekend. which is rather less than i was hoping to make. but luckily it's still only november i have a bit of time left. it's gonna flyyyyyyyyyyy by though, isn't it?! yikes.

happy monday, darlings!


  1. these are my very favorites so far...i love the colors and the deer are SO cute!!!!

  2. Look at you ... love how you've recycled those falling apart books ... so pretty. And, no, I didn't do 36 in one day ... two evenings & two days actually ... so you're on a good pace ... keep 'em coming.

  3. i want to go garage-sale-ing with YOU! those reindeers are a-dorable! i think these may be my favorites so far. soooooo cute! and you're way ahead of me on the cardmaking although i did begin today

  4. lovely!!! so fun and sweet!!

  5. Yes, you totally deserve that tiara. You are a design queen for sure! I love these too!

  6. These are so cute. Since I have given away all the cards I made this fall (87 of them, to be exact) I am now set to make my own and plan to lock myself up in the studio to do just that over the weekend. Everyone I know has some of my hand made originals except me! How wrong is that???

    I'm glad you came by Miller Manor today. I love it when you visit! I was out adding to my paper collection and replacing my trimmer when you visited. I just plain wore it out! That's a lot of paper cuttin'! Come back on Monday and see how I've progressed. Mine are not nearly as fun as yours, but you might see one or two ideas you like.


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