Tuesday, November 6, 2007

oh christmas trees! oh christmas treeeeeeeeeeeees!

ok, sorry, i promise to stop singing if you'll look at xmas cards five through nine, which feature... ta daaaaaaaaaaa! ...christmas tree shapes...filled with rub-ons, buttons, prima flowers, epoxy stickers and leftover chewing gum! (ok, not really chewing gum--eeeeeeeew!--i just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) (btw: if you did read that and/or this, well done! i'm just sorry it's not a bit more interesting!) this semi-homemade card lark is fab, i tell you, and so flexible, you can do anything! plus it's quick: i made 10 cards on sunday, for a total 14 so far. (that's 36 to go, for those of you scoring at home!) i will show them in smaller groups over the next few days, kind of like a card-making mini-series... ('member those?) ...ladies and gentlemen, may i present, richard chamberlain and jane seymour in...

CARDS, part two:

(supplies are for all 5 cards; if you want to know a specific product, email or leave a comment, but there's nothing particularly exotic here: patterned paper: basic grey, dcwv, anna griffin, provocraft; rub-ons: ki memories, scrapworks, american crafts; foil stickers: sandylion; flowers: prima; epoxies: love elsie, autumn leaves, ek success, sue dreamer, michaels' dollar spot; other: noel & holly buttons from michaels...last year... foam tape, jewelcraft gems, scraps of red cardstock, colorbox inks, sharpie pen)

totally obnoxious, gratuitously braggy ps: didja see that yesterday marah johnson (of lovestruck fame) left me a comment?! she liked the card i made using her super-gorgeous pink velvet flower brad (it's the bottom card in the post below...the one w/the eiffel tower in it...) and no, i didn't link it to her or anything, so i don't know how she found it, but HOW COOL IS THAT?! :)


  1. Oh, SEW cute...(oh wait, sewing was previous post...LOL!)

    These are really great. How do you come up with these ideas??? The bottom two are my personal favs (primas and circle stickers.)

  2. So much work and such a great result! Awesome cards Lauren.

  3. Love the patterns of holly leaves ... well, actually I love them all, but the holly was the one that really caught my eye ... great cards.

  4. These are too beautiful! Congrats on your famous commenter :0) and you are SUCH a funny writer. I love it! Mel

    P.S. I double-dog dare you to REALLY use pre-chewed bubble gum!


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