Wednesday, November 7, 2007 what else is new...?!

ok, that's the last bad sewing pun, i promise!


unless i think of a reallllllllllllly good one***!

but my point is...i made another hand-stitched card last night! i hadn't planned on it, but my friend elisa & i were talking about the amazingly beautiful new marah johnson metal brads, (b/c she reads m'blog, you know; does marah johnson! oh yeah! i am hot stuff! so we were discussing the complete gorgeousness & desirability of those brads, and the caardvarks' hand-sewing challenge, and it came to pass that elisa dared me to make a card using said brads AND mj lovestruck papers AND french knots.

so i did.

(marah johnson brads, rub-ons & cardstock stickers; prima flowers; dcwv patterned paper; dmc embroidery floss; colorbox ink; foam tape)

admittedly, it doesn't have a lot of french knots. (it's got three: one at the end of each stitched swirl; it was going to have more...but didn't) also, technically speaking, i did not have any lovestruck paper; so i used dcwv rockstar paper and added lovestruck rub-ons and cardstock stickers. i should mention that there IS also some very, very cool marah johnson rockstar paper ...but i didn't have any o' that, either, so i used the dcwv. and i think it works really well, actually! (the white bits of the paper are flocked, btw!)

ooh and did i mention that some of the scrapbook layouts in the lovestruck gallery are elisa's? yepper! you should go and gaze upon them, they are lovely!

***by which, of course, i mean a reallllllllllllly BAD one! you know something like:

...and sew it goes...

which, come to think of it, makes an excellent sign-off line!

(or a pop song, even!)

ok, that's the last one!

...for today, anyhow...


ps to melissa: i haven't done your challenge yet...mostly because...i don't have any chewing gum! btw, my monitor is now covered with the coffee i was drinking when i read my comments, and it's all your fault!!! :) anyway...if memory serves...i b'lieve double-dog-darers go first, don't they...?!


  1. you are one crazy woman you know that right? and while you sound like it you look nuthin like dan rather. i'm just sayin.
    very cute card (i'm strictly a sewing machine girl myself LOL)

  2. that card is ADORABLE!!! i love it!!!

  3. Awesome stuff!!
    By the way I did notice that Marah Johnsons commented on your blog. You are big time now!!


  4. Wow! This is really beautiful, love the stitching and the gorgeous bird image!

  5. Ok girl you work fast... I still say the french knot thing was a pretty good idea if I do say so myself. LOL

    Love love love your card... It's gorgeous and that blue cardstock makes it pop with all the other colors you layered ontop of it.

    You go girl... be a rockstar.

  6. You my dear are an embroidery goddess! Did you know that?

  7. Ouuuu this is a dream translated onto paper. It makes my heart go pitterpatter! Even sans bubblegum :0)


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