Monday, November 19, 2007


this may well be the *CUTEST* card i have ever made in my entire life. and yet...i really like it! plus, i have an aunt who will love it!!! in fact, i suspect these little hamsters...or mice...or whatever they are...were cut from an xmas card sent by this particular aunt several years ago. ah, the great circle of life...who knew it applied to greeting cards, too?! :)

(images from an old xmas card; ki memories patterned paper; creative imaginations rub-on stitches; foam tape)

many, many thanks for the terrific "card makeover" suggestions on yesterday's post! the "add-an-inner-frame" idea does indeed improve the look. also, i have discovered that i can remove the collage from the frame without damaging either one (i only put it in with doublestick tape) so there is the possibility of adjusting it to fit one of the smaller red frame cards, like said hamsters are sportin', above. or i could MAKE a quick card in a different color/pattern. i just have to decide if i like the collage part...with the suffocating shower of sweets...enough to bother. ...jury's still out...


  1. i "think" those are mice...i am not really up on my rodents as my only encounters with them involve running away screaming...not stopping to get a good look at them...and how funny, there was a mouse in the building at work this weekend...not as cute as he was alive and furiously scurrying around and generally giving me the willies...

  2. oooooooooooooooo-mi-gosh!
    this is the cutest card ever! perfect pairing with the frame and paper!
    and those are indeed mice. House Mouse dontcha know. My only house mice have been wee little field mice who made the mistake of coming inside once or twice the first year or two we lived here. They met up with Frankie and Holly and were sorry - they became little toys to smack about (they were smart and literally played dead until F&H let their guard down for a second the first time... second time i had to rescue the poor little babies from the terror that is miss H)
    btw i liked the suffocating shower of sweets.. i wanna see that card missy!!! :-)

  3. 'Tis true - that is a *very* cute card; and, once again, you are most resourceful with recycling your images!

  4. They are indeed sooo adorable...under the mistletoe....rubbing their cute lil' noses!

  5. yes, those little house mouse guys are just the cutest!!! and I just love how their tails are inter-twined!! Great combination to make a great card!!


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