Sunday, November 11, 2007

the one that got away

last night, i spent 20 minutes looking for a small orange rhonna farrer flower rub-on which i had cut out of its backing sheet and set aside to use. i looked everywhere: my work table, the floor around it, the couch beneath me, even *under* the couch and between the cushions! but it was just GONE without a trace. in the end, i used a different one and forgot all about it.

this morning as i was drinking my coffee, i saw lovely husband jeff looking at my arm, first with concern, and then amusement. "what?" i asked, eloquently. (it was 8:30 & my first cup of coffee.) "i thought you were bleeding...but you're not," he said chuckling and pointing to a spot on the underside of my forearm, near the elbow, where he saw this:

ps: this is what i was making, it's a page for my 3BT book:

in retrospect, i think the flower looks just as good on me as it would've on frida! :)


  1. That's so funny! and your page looks great!

  2. Hmmm, I've never seen an orange mole before, but there's a first time for everything, I guess!

    Were you able to scrape it off and use it on your page?

  3. I've currently lost my teflon bone folder ... thankfully it hasn't shown up attached to any body parts yet anyway ... thanks for a good laugh.

  4. funny!!! have i told you how fabulous your banner is? i just love it!!!

  5. here's a tip - use your hands for rubons (elbows are not the most effective means of transferring the rubons) :-)
    very funny missy... i like how you put your whole self into your creations!

  6. The one that got away,
    Got caught the next day...
    Stuck on you!
    (Lionel Richie!?)

  7. LOL
    Only you can blog about it and it be funny! TFS


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