Friday, November 30, 2007

many thanks...

(note: daniel craig does not feature even tangentially in today's post...i just like looking at him. you convalesce your way; i'll convalesce my way!)

...for all the well-wishes and happy thoughts, they are very much appreciated! plus, the good news is, i *think* they are starting to work! i feel quite a bit less dire today, and can stand up almost all the way straight. wahey!!!

extra-special thanks to VC for the clarice bean quote, which does indeed admirably sum up the value/effectiveness of worry! :) (i had not previously heard of clarice, but it turns out she is the heroine of a childrens' book that i think i may just have to order for all of the women in my family!)

additional good news is that i have managed to complete all but one of my caardvarkly duties, and i have hopes of getting the last one done today. jeff has set up the ironing board for me, so i can i work a bit...and go lay down...then work a bit...and go lay down... (i could keep going, but i think you get the drift!)

finally, i spoke to tonight's houseguest, and she reminded me that she lives in a home populated by a husband, 3 teenagers, 2 large dogs, several cats, 4 turtles, and assorted friends, pets, relatives, and hangers-on of the aforementioned. it seems that basically, as long as i don't take money from her purse, return her car with no gas in it, steal her sandwich while she's on the phone leaving only a drool-stained plate as evidence, or leave a suspicious puddle anywhere in her path, staying with me--even under the current conditions--is like a 5-star hotel. since i was able to promise confidently on all counts, we should be fine!

(...ok...i lied about the sandwich...shhhhhhhhhhhhh!) :)


  1. yes i agree, he is very nice to look at:) are a funny funny girl:) i think your houseguest may never leave...

  2. Aw Lauren, I hope you feel better really soon.

  3. Woo-hoo, I have mastered the Internets!! (Not that I'm doing anything differently, only yesterday it WOULD NOT let me leave a comment, but today, it seems to have relented.)

    Anyway, anyway, what I wanted to say was: I am very glad you seem to be on the mend, and I am also most relieved that Clarice Bean didn't upset you... I was a little fretful that she might... but hey, a girl needs plenty things to worry about, eh? ;o)

    ps I promise not to tell your houseguest where her sandwich got to :o)

  4. Yes! DC does look real don't blame u liking to look at him!


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