Monday, August 27, 2012

now with extra mandalas!!!

we're coming to the end of the month-long banquet of daily paper prompts miss tammy has so thoughtfully been feeding us throughout the month of august on her inspiring daisy yellow art blog. of course i'm sad that they'll be ending, but after three full months of getting back into a regular art journal practice (first via ICAD and now DPP) i feel like it's back to being a habit and i have more confidence that i will stick to doing it on my own! anyway, here are a few more pages for ya:

i randomly glued a few paper scraps to my cardstock before i started, and instead of watercolor paints i used an eye dropper with spray inks and re-inkers; but other than that i actually followed the prompt right down the line! btw, i LOVED making this, and i love looking at it now it's done. in fact, i really just want to go get a lot of colors out and make more of these... which i might do, in a minute! :)

there was a point, midway through making this, that it was PERFECT and i was in love with it. but the purpose of journaling (for me) is process rather than outcome, and thus i am seriously, totally, inordinately proud that i kept going and "wrecked" this page!!!!!

another one in which i went boldly and recklessly past the point of "awesome" and i'm totally fine with that. i sort of combined the "zentangling" ethos (which is actually based a bit on the religious/spiritual aspect of mandala making as an aid to meditation) with a bit broader of a doodling theme. i've discovered that there are few things more soothing than to just sit and randomly draw shapes and lines for 20 minutes before bed time. highly recommended if, like me, you ever have difficulty "transitioning" from working time to resting time! ♥

i started out with the intention of making this a real piece of mail art that i'd send through the post, (hence the cool vintage envelope as foundation!) but at some point, it became a collage instead. go figure.

DPP#24-circus tent (from prompt list)
this is one of the silliest things i've ever made, and i'm pretty sure no one else will think it's even remotely funny, so of course i love it all the more! the ticket for the preview to the upcoming warhol retrospective at the met just happened to be sitting on my desk next to a page from a children's book which had that cute lion on it; so OF COURSE i thought they'd be perfect together, lol. since i actually need both bits, i made copies of each, and resized them just a little smaller while i was at it. my favorite part is the caption which is hard to see in the double photo, but reads, "the warhol brothers' circus was *EXCITING* but ultimately short-lived".  yeah, i'm weird, what can i tell ya?! :) :) :)

why not hop over to daisy yellow and check out what miss tammy is up to, or hit the flickr group for some serious eye candy, then repair to your own journal (or sketch book, or piece of scrap paper) and make something random, beautiful or funny... just for ♥YOURSELF♥! (because you are WORTH IT, darlings!!!)  ♥


  1. awesome work...I especially love the circus tent one!

  2. I love these!! I'm going to get started on these. I think I finally have the time. My favorite of yours is the circus one for sure. Its so cute!!

  3. WOW.. You are one talented lady.. So much wonderful inspiration here. Thanks..


  4. Fabulous work ... you know you must be a happy person ... it shows in your art!


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