Saturday, August 18, 2012

more DPP for you and me

more pages made using the daily paper prompts from the mega-inspiring daisy yellow art blog... and i've made a start at making them into a *JOURNAL*!  (ps: can you believe august is already HALF OVER?! time flies when you're having fun!)

 DPP#11: hot air balloon (from prompt list)
the background was another one from last week's "faded" prompt for which i used watercolor paints and a cloud stencil/mask thingie. the fanciful airship was in an old book about the history of flight. for some reason, every time i saw it, it made me think of "the owl and the pussycat" so finally i gave in, cut out the illustration, and stamped the words. phew. that's better!

for some reason, i'm currently obsessed with concentric circles. for one of my ICAD cards i layered and stitched them; for this one i punched circles out of one piece of paper and replaced them with circles punched from another piece of paper. so weirdly enough for ME, this page is completely flat! i was going to ink or stitch or... something... at the end, but then i decided not to. (i took the buddha photo at foster botanical garden in honolulu; seriously photoshopped it, printed on a clear inkjet label, then layered over some japanese text paper. apparently, this book is going to have a LOT of hawaii references!)

 DPP#13: list of nail polish colors (from prompt list)
second only to my longing to be a "miniature cities assembler" at legoland, i've secretly always wanted a job at OPI. they have the BEST-- and silliest!-- names of any product line, anywhere; thus i am pretty sure i'd fit in... though possibly not with this lot! :) :) :) (they make a high quality nail polish, as well, which is also nice, lol!) 

 DPP#14: pocket
this was going to be an ordinary pocket, honest, with like a piece of paper in it. then i saw the awesome confetti packets in this post on tara anderson's blog and i HAD TO make one. the disco dancers came later. it's a long story. of course, it wouldn't be the '70's without some egregious faux woodgrain, obviously. my childhood has much to answer for...

DPP#15: music
miss tammy's suggestion for this one was to listen to a favorite song and draw or paint how it makes us feel. and again, that was my intention... until i saw the expression and body language on this girl in a magazine, which conveys *EXACTLY* how i feel when i am driving in my car alone and singing along to the radio!!! (sadly, my volume tends to be in inverse proportion to my talent; which is why i'm required to keep my singing confined to a private, highspeed, sound-insulated metal box; but that's another story entirely and has no impact on my enjoyment of these occasions!) :)

now howsabout a look at where i'm keeping these? remember i showed you the fabulous set of 6.5x8" clear acrylic mini-book covers stephanie sent me? i knew right away i wanted to use them for this, but i wasn't sure how best to take advantage of their CLEAR-ness. and then it came to me: make the page mounts clear, too! or rather, if not exactly clear, at least make them from transparencies! this fit in rather well with my wanting to make some sort of fitting tribute to the sad demise of hambly screenprints, makers of the BEST EVER* (imo) acrylic transparencies for use in art; so that's what i did. please excuse the pics-- of course since this is one of my all-time favorite projects it was one of the all-time hardest to photograph!!! 

at some point i'll be adding a title or... well... some sort of panel to the front, which i hope will help with the record-setting levels of reflectiveness on this baby; but this gives you an idea. 

here you can see that each transparent page base is different, and that i've glued my 5x7 working pages back to back, so they sort of float; you can see through them here and there, and you get a great "stacked" effect from the front; but each page stands alone.

this is currently my favorite minibook/journal i've EVER made, so i'm pretty psyched that there are still two more weeks' worth of things to make and put in it! if you feel like making something totally fun and JUST for ♥YOU♥ why not check out the prompts at daisy yellow at start working in your own art journal?! ♥

*i've seen products which rival hambly EITHER in design OR in quality; in my opinion no one's ever done BOTH of those things-- at the same time-- as well as hambly; no one else (to my knowledge) makes beautfiul screen-printed acrylic of a thickness that can be used as a sturdy card base, or the foundation of a scrapbook or journal page, etc; but i'm keen to learn so tell me if you've got a product i should know about!!!


  1. Wow! You have been busy my friend! Love, love, love all of your creations! Just absolutely am amazed by your style....gorgeous and very creative!

  2. You've been busy!
    I love OPI. All the browns are great, wonder why they get rejected?!

  3. Ohh my word- these are all just fabulous. I don't know where to begin! The disco dancer makes me giggle! You are so talented!

  4. This book is looking amazing!!! I love all of them!

  5. So many wonderful pages. Looks like you have been having fun creating. They all look great but I have to say the gal singing and dancing had me smiling.. What a great image..


  6. I love these! I'm a big OPI fan too! I have my two favs which are Mermaids Tears and Skull and Glossbones. God I love the names. Someone commented something funny about what if OPI made a 50 shades of Grey polish collection what the names would be. I had to say "Suzi loves Spankies" hahaha :+)

  7. Awesome, gorgeous, and so much fun too, and I love that mini book!

  8. Kewl pages, kewl book! I especially love the first one. That background is awesome and the font is gorgeous!


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