Saturday, August 25, 2012

a "three-fer" that will most likely be disqualified THREE times, lol! :)

the city crafter challenge blog is always one of my favorite places to play, just because they have really creative prompts to get me thinking and one of the best and most inspiring teams around to give me a "hint" if i get stuck! either of those two factors would be enough, really, to keep me coming back, but the combination is exponentially more AWESOME! this week's challenge is called "wishi washi 2" and it's harder than it sounds at first; because-- as you may have guessed-- we're incorporating washi tape (or any deco tape, really!) but here's the trick: apart from tape, you can only have TWO other items!  YIKES!!!  i chose basic grey paper and brads, and came up with this:

(patterned paper and brads: basic grey; decorative tape (paper, plastic, and fabric varieties): love my tapes, heidi swapp, 7 gypsies; ink: colorbox; pencil: prismacolor; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape, gluedots) 

ok,  so, first possible disqualification: i realized as i was typing my supply list that i just *assumed* we could have basic things like tools, inks, pens, adhesives and white cardstock as a "gimmee"! if those count as extra items-- which they might!-- i have blown this in a biiiiiiiiig way, and humbly remove myself from play at city crafter, sorry guys!!! i cannot be sorry in any other way, though, because i really like this card and would not have made it without ya! :)

do i even have to tell you that my favorite part of this is the tape+paper pinwheels*??! and the thing is, they were a total fluke, they just happened to be part of the illustration for this week's basic grey sketch, see?

but of course i was looking for an embellishment that would add a little texture and dimension without taking me "over my limit" and they just seemed PERFECT! but here's my second probable disqualification: when i went back to the BG blog to link up, i realized they are specifically asking for LAYOUTS this week; something i have only just noticed (because i tend to use all sketches interchangeably!) is that they have designated card and LO sketches. so again, sorry BG, but isn't it nice to know how FLEXIBLE these things are??! :)

my third almost certainly ineligble challenge the august one at love my tapes, in which they want us to think up creative ways to make flowers from tape. you can see the problem for this one already, can't you? yeah. technically these are not EXACTLY flowers, are they? but go with me a second: they're a similar shape/profile... they sort of function in the same way on my card... they're in a context of pink and green and "gardeny" prints, and i've given them some washi tape leaves to make them a little more "floral", lol.  ok, mebbe not. but i do think they are kind of clever, and they're most definitely made from tape (backed with paper); but again, i will not be shocked or insulted if i am disqualified from play! :) 

here's a closer photo, so you can see them better: 

right, so the bottom line for me here: i apologize if anyone from the challenges involved feels i have wasted their time or flouted their rules, because that was certainly not my intention! but i LOVED making this card, and i also love how it turned out; and the fact is, it would not even exist but for the triple inspiration, for which i am most sincerely grateful! thank you!♥♥♥

*there's a little mini photo tutorial in the post below this one, if you want to see exactly what i did; it's not complicated, though, lol! 


  1. Certainly no disqualification here ... PERFECT!!! How clever Miss Lauren ... I'd never have thought that those pinwheels were made of tape ... Brilliant take on the challenge .., Thanks so much for playing along at CCCB

  2. I think that you qualify on this challenge. Yes, those pinwheels are wonderful flowers. The first challenge is will be interecting to see what the folks come up with. And for the second....too bad they want lo's because this is perfect!
    Anyways, I love this very sweet card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW!! This is fabulous Lauren. I love the pin wheels and the colours are gorgeous.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Hugs Sue

  4. LOVE, LOVE this card Lauren - qualifies as a FAB card anyway you look at it!!!

  5. Great pinwheels! love how you made them from tape! Thanks for playing along!

  6. This is brilliant. Very clever and very pretty - love it!

  7. Gorgeous!! I love how you incoorporated a layout sketch into a card sketch!!! many thanks for playing at CCCB

  8. LOVE THIS! And I imagine that no matter what the teams love to see how they've inspired people to think outside the box/card/LO/you get the idea. I know even when my final thingy doesn't look anything like the inspo I still like to give credit, so I think you rocked them all. Plus, it's just freaking awesome, so there's that. :D

  9. Your layout is just gorgeous! I love the colors and those pinwheels!

  10. I am in love with this card. Right down to those cute pinwheels. The colors make me smile.. Thanks so much for playing along with us..


  11. Love the card. Gosh I love seeing old BG being used. Its probably one of my most fav things. I love seeing a scrapbooking sketch used as a card sketch. Great job!

  12. Love your ideas, thanks for sharing your art with us! Sherrill Graff
    Late Night Stamper


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