Saturday, August 25, 2012

STEP-BY-STEP: paper + tape pinwheels

what you'll need: 
lightweight paper scraps, decorative tape, brads, scissors, paper trimmer, mini glue dots or other dry adhesive

note: each pinwheel starts with a square, 
the size of which will determine the size of your finished pinwheel

1. cover 
the back of your paper with strips of tape

2. trim 
tape-covered paper into a square
 3. fold 
the square corner-to-corner into a triangle and crease; unfold that side and fold the square corner-to-corner the other way and crease; unfold again

4. snip 
with scissors 2/3 of the way down each fold line towards the center point; poke a hole in the center point big enough to get a brad into

5. curl 
every other triangle point in towards the center WITHOUT folding or creasing them (note that whichever side is facing up is what will show the most!)

6. secure
 the ends in the center with a brad. this is the fiddly bit, it's also where you might want a gluedot or a teeny bit of adhesive to secure the points under your brad; the larger ones seem to stay pretty well without; but once you are under an inch you do need SOMETHING to hold them! 

7. bonus ninja points
curl up the edges of the "untucked" points; 
draw a "pole" or make one out of tape or even a toothpick; 
stack them together; 
add leaves or other embellishments; 
sew them into a garland (using stickers for centers); 
make lots more and show them off!!! 


  1. Wow! Awesome tutorial and I really, really love this one....what an awesome combo here...a real eye-catcher!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Your card is gorgeous.

  3. Awesome tutorial! Love how cute these are - and how teensy you got! oh em gee.

  4. LOVE these. I am definitely going to give them a try..


  5. Pure magic my dear ... and I just happened to have picked up a *few* rolls of new washi tape in Chicago this weekend, so I'll have to give it a try.

  6. Cute!! You are becoming the tutorial queen missy! I love it. I need more washi tape. I saw a challenge to use it somewhere and I don't think I have more than one roll of it. Seriously?!!? I know right?

  7. I Loved this! So quick and easy - just what I needed for a quick study break. Thanks for sharing.


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