Monday, August 6, 2012

i spent a depressingly large portion of the last 24 hours searching for my datebook

i did-- at last-- find it, fortunately; but between the panic (every single appointment i have for the next 2 months is in that thing*!!!) and the extra time spent rooting through every drawer and cupboard, upending couch cushions, calling everywhere i'd been in the last two days... (oddly enough, it was NOT in the medicine cabinet OR my underwear drawer, go figure, lol!) that i now feel like just collapsing on the couch and moaning for a bit. i think i WILL do that, actually. but first i'll show you this card:

 (vintage: card and chauffer illustrations + london road map; patterned paper and ribbon: making memories; ink: colorbox; adhesives: staples glue tape runner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

i used the rather fab unscripted sketch #170 as my "road map" (sorry, pun intended!) for this card. there is, admittedly, A LOT more stuff on top of it than anyone might have anticipated; but knowing that the recipient is quite a classic car afficionado, i just could not resist these fabulous vintage illustrations!

our chiropractor has been a good friend to us over the last 20 years, so as odd as it may seem, i make a bit of a fuss over his birthday. isn't it odd how nothing else about a person can really tell you whether they are the sort of people who will ENJOY that or just be horribly embarrassed? this particular person is a fan, so in addition to the card, i have a coordinating and fancily decorated (my favorite part is the not-entirely-unlike-a-seatbelt basic grey magnetic buckle which is fastening the ribbon!) present:

we'll also stop at his favorite italian market for cannoli on the way to our next appointment. because we care. and yeah, because at some point during that encounter he will be wringing both jeff's and my own neck like chickens, and frankly i really only ever want that done by a *HAPPY* and well-nourished sort of guy!!! :)

hope that each and every one of ♥YOU♥ are happy, well-nourished, not-too-manic-of-a-monday sort of guys today, darlings!!! ♥♥♥

*there is now a photocopy of this information tucked away in my desk. never hurts to have insurance, right?! ;)


  1. This card is just fabulous ... I love how you tucked so many fantastic elements into your design ... so glad you joined us at Unscripted Sketches.

  2. Such a fun card!!! And I LOVE how you wrapped that pressie! What a lucky guy!
    Shanna :)

  3. Fabulous card and what a brilliant way to wrap a gift!! I ♥♥LOVE♥♥ It!
    BTW I keep my appointments listed on my Computer ... 'cos I am ALWAYS losing books!

  4. Thanks for such a delightful post! You have a flair for writing AND card making! This is fabulous...and you didn't stop at just a card! Love it all (lucky chiro guy - should be worth a free treatment or 10!!!). Thanks for sharing your card with us this week at Unsripted Sketches :)

  5. awesome that smidge of map that peeks through. I think your packaging always rocks....what a neat giftie!

  6. That card is awesome. I love that sketch. You find the best sketchy places. I know what you mean about date books. I was searching everywhere for a face mask I need to sleep. EVERYWHERE. I even looked in the garage. It was driving me crazy. Yep I'm one of those crazy people that sleeps with a mask on their face to block out light. haha

  7. What a fabulous take on the sketch! Love this! Thanks for playing at Unscripted Sketches!

  8. Guess who made Top 3 at unscripted sketches this week - you miss Lauren!


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