Thursday, August 23, 2012

is there a 12-step program for zentangling?

or perhaps i should say zen DE-tangling? ok, maybe not, that just sounds like one of miss clairol's lesser known products, doesn't it?! but holy moly those things are *SERIOUSLY* addictive; i can see why making them is all the rage! here's my very first one, along with a few other daily paper prompt pages made with the inspiration of tammy's brilliant ideas on the daisy yellow art blog:

DPP#16: zen tangling (from the prompt list)
i was familiar with the concept, and always wanted to try my hand at one of these; but i did not realize how many firm "rules" there are as to size, paper type, what pen to use, preferred shapes, etc. mine does not follow in every particular (for example, you're not supposed to use dots, apparently, only lines) but is a 3.5" square that's black ink only and was made in the spirit of the art form, after a bit of research on the official website! i can totally see how it's possible to become obsessed with these, they do induce an almost trance-like state whilst one works!

the chandelier is a digital brush, from scrap-n-fonts, during a dollar sale! when i print things on inkjet transparency, i rarely need the full sheet, but i hate to waste the leftover bits as they are pricey; usually i fill in with some random brushes-- like chandeliers or eiffel towers or whatever-- and throw those into the collage file to be used later. the rest is magazine bits, some inky leftovers, and a bit of tissue paper with chinese characters.

my "variations" were basically to do each section in a different medium; from left to right prismacolor pencils, copic markers, and watercolors. i think you can see that on this particular night i was tired and did not come up with any interesting insight or twist of my own; but it was fun, anyway.

DPP#19: palm trees  (from the prompt list)
i can only draw about 4 things-- and they're all more like cartoons than proper drawings-- but one of them happens to be a palm tree, and i enjoy doodling them! this one is done in copics and watercolors on top of a patchwork of glossy foreign text papers.

tomorrow is friday, can i get a "woohoo" darlings?! ♥♥♥


  1. These are terrific ... I love the eye with the chandelier and your palm trees ... brilliant!!! Zentangling ... that's a new one for me ... you actually drew this???? WOW!! Do you EEEEEE-ver loose your mojo??? ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  2. Wow! Fantastic! My favorite one is the second....what an eye-catcher! You really amaze me with your's such a happy feeling coming here to see what you've come up with!

  3. zentangle is soo much fun...we did it as a challenge on opus gluei last year and I was hooked....yours is fabulous!

  4. Hi Lauren - your Zentangle is wonderful - so intricate and dense and yet with those breathes of white spaces - oh my! I have been participating for a while at the Diva's challenge -- she has a Monday Zentangle prompt each week, and it's lots of fun. I find it impossible to follow all the rules though, and end up warping the zentangling into my mixed media mind somehow! I'll have to check out the DPPs and join the party. These are all great.

  5. Holy FANTABULOUSNESS!! WOW!! Once again I'm completely in awe of your skills!

  6. sheesh...what can't you do? awesome work!


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