Sunday, August 5, 2012

more semi-random acts of art journaly goodness

i say semi-random, because in addition to having fabulous inspiration each morning on the daisy yellow art blog, miss tammy has made the august "daily paper prompt" even cooler, by posting an ideas-in-advance prompt list for week one, and between those two things i've been totally getting the "jump start" i need!

DPP2: balcony
a few weeks ago i was blown away by some travel book pages on tara anderson's blog, the pink couch! i'm fascinated by her use of layers composed of vintage finds AND scrappy product. on this page i specifically set out to try something similar, inspired by a color palette she posted for crate paper, some vintage hawaiiana, and a photo i took from our lanai at hilton hawaiian village last november. not entirely sure about the finished product, but it was a blast to make and fun to re-visit that great trip!

very collagey here, and i love all the elements, just not sure i'm sold on them all being used together, this almost seems too rich in images. but then, part of the point of this is to experiment and almost purposely "go too far"... so well done, me! :) 

now, sadly, i must report a casualty in these proceedings. i had mentioned that my valiant altered-book art journal was having "binding issues" do to the fact i've seriously overloaded the pages; i regret to say that after just a few more entries, this happened*:

yeah. and since i'd quite like it not to fall apart completely, i've elected to proceed in future on loose pages, since i've sort of belatedly realized that, despite the "cool factor" of having a beautiful old book with a fab cover and cool texty pages, i like the complete freedom of being "unbound" in the working stage. haven't decided yet whether to punch them as i go and put them on a book ring, or wait until i have a bunch completed and use the bind it all? sort of leaning towards the latter, but we'll see. in the meantime, here is my first "liberated" page, which was not only easier to work on, but also a breeze to photo!

i took 6-7 colors of acrylic craft paints and squirted them randomly onto half of a 8.5x11" piece of sturdy index stock from staples. then i folded the other (clean) half of the page down on top of it and smooshed all the colors together. at the end i took some verrrrrry wet watercolor paints on a brush and dripped those into any remaining white space. i thought about adding stitching or stamping... but the longer i look at this... the more i think it's already done! :)

why not check out daisy yellow and/or the flickr group and see what sort of inspiration ♥YOU♥ come away with?! (worth the trip... i promise...)

*note to self: if you are a person with a serious chiropractic history, and you utter the words, "oh crap, the spine's totally broken now!" expect to have a very concerned husband rush into the room ASAP! :) :) :) sorry honey, not *MY* spine, luckily; though miss vicki barr needs to find herself a DIFFERENT answer, pretty sharpish!


  1. Aloha! Great pages ... awww! so sorry about your book though ... sob!

  2. Here's a thought for your next altered book*: Carefully cut out every other page, making spaces in the book for your art. Heck, take out two of every three pages. You can use them for other projects that call for text.

    *I still can't being myself to alter a book. Even one purchased for that purpose. :(

  3. Ah well some times books are meant to explode! Great work, so amazed you just keep on going! xox

  4. These are fantastic! I especially love the window pages.

  5. Fabulous! Love your pages! Just tie a ribbon around this one and chock it up to a book with 'character'. When I alter a book, I cut out some pages and then use the pages for other projects, and then your book is ready for bulky things. Hugs!

  6. I have a feeling you are going to do something awesome with the book.. Can't wait to see. Your pages look great. So much wonderful inspiration here my friend....


  7. These are so awesome! I am catching up with these today. No excuses!! I am also starting to work on Julie Balzer's Second floor challenges. I really like those prompt type things. I did the first one last night. Can't wait to see what else you do. I don't know what I'm going to put mine in yet!!


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