Monday, August 13, 2012

i can make them faster than i can photo and post them

art journal pages, i mean; specifically the ones based on the fabulous daily paper prompts on the daisy yellow art blog all this month. i am loving doing them, and have even done well keeping up; but there's always a lag with the posts. ah well. i expect it's pretty boring to be perfect, right?! 

for this one i tried a bunch of different variations (i don't have neocolor crayons, so i tried DI's, watercolors, mists, and then combinations of them all... it was fun to experiment and i definitely now know a lot more about what fades most, what gets gooshiest, etc!) none of mine faded nearly as impressively as the cool one tammy showed, but i sort of like them, anyway. this is probably my fave at the moment, but you might see others, eventually! (apparently, hawaii is gonna be a "theme" for a bit longer, lol!)

 DPP#9: games
if you made me pick one prompt from this entire summer to represent the most fun, and the most nostalgia of anything i made, THIS would be it! when we were little, my brother and i used to make up our own board games; we'd spend ages coloring the squares in, making little decks of cards with instructions, inventing rules... i don't remember ever actually PLAYING any of them, we were much more into the "development phase"! exactly like the prototypes of my youth, this one is made from "a nice piece of shirt cardboard", the brightest magic markers i own, and my very silly imagination. want to play??! ♥♥♥

tammy's exact words were "Stitch a little paper collage that makes absolutely no sense!" so i did. in this case, since i use the sewing machine quite a bit anyway, i switched it up with a little bit of handstitching. to insure maxium interestingness (and minimum "sensibility") i chose half a dozen ingredients by grabbing bits and pieces from the "leftover crafty bits" drawer in my filing cabinet and making myself stick to only those things i randomly chose. one small drawback came when i realized i had no cardstock-weight paper... luckily that off-cut of transparency was just a tiny bit bigger than 5x7. this was 100% fun to make, i will definitely use the "lucky dip" method again!

so what's ♥YOUR♥ favorite thing you made this summer? tell me in the comments! (if you haven't yet made a favorite thing, you are excused from work today, just tell the boss i said it was FINE!!!) 

happy monday, darlings!!!


  1. Hello my friend! Love your creations! The faded one looks fab! And making board games in your, how creative is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!! Love the stitching and the bits and pieces on the transparency...what a great background!
    Now I think the favorite thing that I think I made this summer was the lo that I did of my amazing father called 'catch'. It was just 'so him', I think that's why I love it best!

  2. The Game of Lauren....I love it!

    I know right? I think we would all hire our own photographers and writers...would make blogger so much faster:)


  3. That's so funny with the board game card you made. It reminded me of the board game "Percy Jackson" themed Logan and I made this last school year. lol. I had so much fun doing that with him. We used so much of my art stuff. We made player pieces w/ shrinky dink paper. haha :) Great cards! I'm mad at myself for slacking off on these. I love all the ones I made at the beginning of the summer. I guess its never too late. Now that school is in, maybe I can finish them up.


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