Wednesday, August 25, 2010

heart the art: week 34 (dreams)

this week's HEART the ART prompt is dreams. one of my fondest dreams would be to become a serious traveler. unless we hit the lottery in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig way that is completely unlikely to happen, but that's why they're called "DREAMS" right?! :) for this page i thought i'd make a list of my top 4 or 5 destinations...but as i started to write them down i sort of realized that there are not many places in the world that i would not like to visit! while i was thinking of a way to convey that visually i remembered that gina's newest digikit has an absolutely fabulous image of a panda bear hugging the globe; i printed him on a transparency to layer over some cool vintage maps and he became the center of my page:

(panda and tiny globe "buttons" from the green day digi kit by gina cunningham, tyggereye art; lots and lots of vintage maps and travel icons from various old books and pamphlets; love elsie "travel dreams" rub-on; oriental trading co minibrads; ranger distress ink; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

ok yeah, it's a little crowded on there--once again i am metaphorically bumping my head on the low ceilings of a 4x6" page format! but then whenever i think about the places i would go if time and money were no object, i do feel almost overwhelmed by how many amazing sights there are out in the big wide world; so maybe a slightly smooshed and crowded page *WORKS*, eh??! :)

speaking of the kit in question, it's called GREEN DAY and it looks a bit like this:

it's one of gina's new "mini-kits" that she's listed in her etsy shop for only .99 cents! i'd call that a pretty fab value since it's got six 12x12 papers and a bunch of rather fab eco-themed elements... (wouldja LOOK at that gorgeous tree??!) ...and of course digi-crafting is the ultimate earth-friendly option, since you only need to print whatever elements you're actually going to use at any given time! check it out HERE!


  1. Soooo fun!!!! I'm with you on the lottery:)

  2. wowzers!! I'm speechless...this is soooooooo amazingly fabulous!! I'm always left in awe when I view your work!

  3. This is fabulous Lauren, totally love it! You be careful metaphorically bumping your head!!! Jo x

  4. ahhhhhhh~~~~ I LOVE THIS!!!! you are a genius, Lauren!!! fabulous prompt!


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