Monday, August 23, 2010

don't fear the reapers!


it was gina's idea, obviously. most really great swap ideas are. afterall, it was she who thought up the monsta swap, and the art-o-mat one.

when she saw the wistful reaper i made for stef a couple of weeks ago she said, "i'll carve a grim reaper stamp and then LET'S SWAP!"

of course i said yes. i always say yes. if gina ever asks you to swap with her, you should say yes. you will ♥LOVE♥ what you get, i promise!!!

so by the next day she had carved the most amazing and adorable reaper that has ever been seen on this or any other planet!

it took me slightly longer to crochet mine. (though seriously...the patterns in the creepy cute book are *quick* and you really only need beginner-level crochet skills!)

the last time i looked, there was an extra reaper stamp in gina's etsy shop...
...i'm just sayin'...

(thanks, g!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. You are right. That IS an exceedingly cute Grim Reaper. You might expect him to offer a bar of chocolate rather than 'inhumation'.

  2. CUTE reaper...sounds funny that a reaper would be considered cute but you kwim:)

    happy monday!!!

  3. "baby take my hand..."

    yeah, I got me one of those there reapers too, LOL!!! its on its way across the country as I type and I should have it in my hot little hands soon!

    I've always wanted that book, maybe I should just go to Amazon right now! oh wait...I'm supposed to be on my way to work, sheesh!

    happy Monday, LB!!! : .)

  4. haha!! I love it! I can't wait till he's here! He's so cute. I must build a shelf above my working desk for him. Somehow. Ooh or maybe make him into a christmas ornament... ahh no I can't only see him at Christmas!! Wouldn't that just freak people out seeing a reaper on my tree. lol. Oooh IF MY DOLLHOUSE was done he could totally go in there. Ack! My poor dollhouse. One day poor doll house. Either way. He will be cherished. Love the post. :)

  5. Just toooooooooo wonderful! Jo x

  6. too cute! love both reapers!!!

  7. OMG!! This is so freakin' cute!! I love the reaper and the old Sassafrass papers were awesome background!!

  8. These are the cutest little grim reapers ever, and I never thought I'd type something like that, so there you go - the beauty of the Internet and exceedingly talented ladies.

    I love both the stamp and the little crocheted fellow, can't choose a favorite. I think Gina needs to put a black wreath up for Halloween and tuck him in it (inside, someone might be tempted to "borrow" him otherwise).

  9. Don't fear the reapers?! AHAHAHAH! You'se crackin' me up! :D
    Ahem. Can we define 'beginner' level, please? I adore the reaper, but my skills are perhaps even sub-beginner. I've managed a blanket (with help). Does that give you an idea of where I am? ;)


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