Thursday, August 19, 2010

more torsos!

i cannot say that ATC-sized torso-shaped cards are anything i'd've ever thought of making on my own, but that's what is *GREAT* about online challenge sites, right?! they push you to think "outside the box"! in this case, the site is something completely different, the format for the month is the aforementioned torso, and this week's theme is MEMORIES. i played around with a few different ideas for this. i'm not sure i knocked any of them out of the park, but there are things i like about each one.

elegant victorian
i used a bunch of different elements from rhonna farrer's "french ooh la la" kit on this one...but then i got a little carried away with rub-ons...ah well...those ladies are awesome, though, aren't they?!

lady liberty
i *LOVE* this quote of the reverend jackson's, and the photo is a fave from making stef's big apple book. i am not sure i've really done either one justice, but it kinda works, maybe??

vintage and random
i made this right before bedtime, and i'm not sure it totally makes sense, but i think i sort of love it anyway. (you know me: the weirder they are, the better i like 'em!)

the new theme goes up tomorrow, but what is great about this month at SCD is that there's an opportunity to swap these babies! more details on this post or you can contact the very lovely and very helpful carol, who is hosting the swap! :)

(~materials~ victorian: images & papers from french ooh la la 12x12 kit by rhonna farrer, house of 3...printed at varying sizes on both plain paper & photo paper; fancy pants rub-ons; tiny paper roses from the ink pad; ribbon from brooklyn general; liberty: photo taken from the staten island ferry, enhanced in photoshop & printed on kodak photo paper; sparkly foam stars from michaels; text typed on manual typewriter & cut apart; vintage: photo of woman from a vintage magazine; old sheet music sprayed with various shades of glimmer mist; butterflies cut from an elderly--& falling apart--nature handbook; text formatted on computer using susie's hand & mom's typewriter fonts)


  1. I just love these!!!! Stunning work!

  2. More fabulousness! You are rockin' these torsos!

  3. All three are lovely and well balanced in detail...the first has those beautiful ladies....the second I love the quote...the third great 50's look :)
    Thanks for playing along again in triplicate this week at SCD!!
    xoxo Sioux

  4. OMG!!!These are`stunning`...Miss Lauren you def Rock..Love the last image and sentiment....
    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!!!!!TFI

    Have a fab weekend my `friend`:)x

  5. Fabby fabby fabby all three of them. Are those ladies on the first one really rub ons? Aren't they great! Thanks so much for playing and sharing.

  6. LOVELY!! Lovely all three! I don't know if I could pick a fav. I mean hello they are marvelouso! I didn't think I could do the torso's and still don't actually, but dang girl they are totally for you. You should own torso they are so up your alley. Very cool. Love em!

  7. ps. sent package to you on Monday. Should get it soon. Or have gotten it I hope. -G

  8. wow! these are all gorgeous, Lauren!! you are amazing!! love them!

  9. How I wish I could swap Elegant Victorian with you ! The combination of B&W with such a fresh pink, green and hint of baby blue is so brillantly unexpected.

  10. This week red and black torso's or something. I have to see you do red and black. That will be a stretch for you. Not something that you, nor I normally do. I saw that and went eek!

  11. I *LOVE* that delicious vintage one! It totally makes sense to me. Plus I think you made the colors (the whole thing, really) SING!

  12. I have that photo on my desk top at work and it never ceases to make me smile ... but I have to say the third one is truly magical.

  13. All these are beautiful Lauren. I have the torso printed out, ready to play with, but haven't got around to it yet.. Hopefully I will get time...
    You rock with the torso theme....


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