Sunday, August 1, 2010

heart the art: week 29 (falling for)

i'm just catching up on the last couple weeks of HEART the ART; ideally this would've happened *before* i did my exciting guest-host stint yesterday (thanks, g!) but better late than never, right?

actually, if i had done this one on time, it quite literally would not have been the same page, even though my idea and content are exactly the same. see, i always intended to use the prompt "FALLING FOR" to make a little list of stuff on which i am particularly keen just now, but i didn't really have a specific vision of how it would look. then yesterday, a box arrived yesterday from my mother-in-law, full of these vintage luscious linen and lace goodies...

...and suddenly i knew i had to sew a few of those gorgeous battenburg lace flowers to something appropriately funky and vintage-feeling, and it seemed like a good idea to add a bunch of gorgeous k&co butterflies, and the next thing i knew i was layering and layering and layering... (this went on for some time b/c i was in my "happy place"!) :) ...until finally i added a bit of that divine & funky mushroom colored lace at the very end and called it a night!

yeah... punctuality is over-rated!

(~materials~ vintage: lace, trimmings & book paper; digistuffs: rainy days paper (printed on inkjet transparency) by dianne rigdon, scrap artist; french ooh la la tickets by rhonna farrer, house of three; font: ck typewriter; patterned paper & diecuts: k&co; edge punch: fiskars; spray inks: glimmer mist & ranger distress re-inkers; other: sewing machine, glimmer screen flourish used as a stamp; adhesives: gluedots, 3m foam tape, tombow monorunner)


  1. Gorgeous. I love all the butterflies. That lace is so very pretty.

  2. Did you hear me? I just said "wow!" are always rockin' the exception here and with the

  3. Wowza ... so many "happy place" layers = magic ... love it all.

  4. I love this!! Just so soft and pretty! Gorgeous!!

  5. Good grief!! If that package landed on my doorstep I'd be afraid to use everything for fear that it would be gone too soon. Brava for incorporating pieces so beautifully (as always)!! ♥ I miss you.

  6. OOH look at all that lacey goodness! Wowzers I need to make friends with your friends. haha This is so utterly gorgeous. I love it. what a great page to add to the book. LOVE IT!!

  7. Beautiful! You do the most marvelous things with a bit of this and that!
    And what wonderful stash from MIL!

  8. One word...WOW!!!!!!!!!

    OK so one just wasn't enough. I am adding stunning, gorgeous and fabulous too!!

    (-: Heidi

  9. LOVE this Lauren. All those layers just make a great impact. The butterflies looks fantastic.
    :-) Linda


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