Thursday, August 26, 2010

this week's torso, courtesy of stendhal*

or to put it another way: this week at SCD the theme is color-based...we're using red and black!

(vintage: tickets, postage stamps; patterned paper: mustard moon; transparencies: making memories; heart rub-on: marah johnson; bling heart: mambi; ink: stewart superior; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, sewing machine)

something you'll have noticed almost immediately: there is only *ONE* torso this week!!! most non-triumphant!!!** but we had company, and chiropractor, and other time-consuming scenarios (senari? scenariae?? what's the plural? anyone??!) so i sorta ran out of time. not to worry, there are still 4 or 5 torsos hangin' out from the last few weeks, so she is not lonely! :)

the other rather un-laurney thing about this one is--and i know this will SHOCK YOU as it does me-- despite the 17 layers of paper & transparencies on this thing, it is almost entirely FLAT!!! unheard of!!! (but i still think it's pretty cool!!!)

*this is a really reallllllllllly obscure english major joke, for which i apologize. it's just that the 19th century novelist stendhal was the author of "the red and the black" and i just COULD NOT RESIST showing off, because let's face it, in the fast-paced world of papercraft blogging there are not very many ways to work something like that into casual conversation!!! :) :) :)

**bonus ninja points to anyone who can tell me...WITHOUT GOOGLING...the movie from which this exclamation hails! :)


  1. Stendhal huh? Would not know about that but i do know the torso is another fab the use of the hungarian postal stamp ;) always so arty hungarian stamps love 'em :)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Okay Lauren, all these wasp waisted lovelies remind me of my aging, personal thickening, and now you're tossing around English literature challenges that make my brain feel thick too! :-D Love your creation and the fact that I can count on a daily smile here. TFS.

  3. FYI - Gingersnap Creations is doing Red & Black too ... this would fit perfectly ... love it.

  4. Been lovin' the torsos lately... Didn't get the Stendhal joke even kinda sorta, but "most non-triumphant" is definitely "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"... How is it possible to get 17 layers of ANYTHING to be "mostly flat"?!?!? Then again, how is it possible to get 17 layers ON something? Kudos to you, on both counts!

  5. LOVE that background!! i would love to sit next to you and see you create, Lauren! gorgeous work of art!!

  6. I think this is my fav torso yet. And 17 layers must make it a labour of love.

  7. This is stunning - thanks for including a link at Gingersnaps!


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